The Cutest Custom Cookies

If you’re looking to add a totally original twist to your next occasion–be in a child’s birthday, a baby shower, or a summer weekend in need of a sweetness infusion–forget cake and ice cream…this summer it’s all about custom cookies, and Tiny Kitchen Treats, a NYC-based custom cookie business, has just what you need (note: don’t miss the slideshow of cookie photos below).

“The most unique thing about a cookie is that it serves so many purposes. Cookies are the new cupcake. They can be made to suit a virtually limitless realm of needs: birthdays, weddings, client gifts, housewarming–you name it. They are completely customizable and the secret to their magic is that unlike other delicious sweets: cupcakes, doughnuts, macarons- they are practically indestructible. They don’t need refrigeration; you don’t need a plate or a napkin; They can be bagged and used as favors without fear of being smushed or melting–and all this is what makes them unique and so attractive for any event,” says Tiny Kitchen Treats founder Marisol Morley. “The first thing people comment on is their good looks, once they take a bite–they understand that our cookies are really something special and this is because our recipe is really special. It’s a family recipe that uses real butter and real vanilla and I tweaked the sugar ratio to allow for icing the cookies and not having them be too sweet.”

Morley, an NYC native, originally started Tiny Kitchen Treats with a business partner as more of an all-around service for kids’ parties, but moved forward on her own after the cookie aspect of business became more of a standout. “Tiny Kitchen Treats was born about three months ago and we are growing at an exponential rate. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking. When we started, we were a one-stop-shop for party planning: treat tables, favors, invitations. Basically, a whatever-you-need to throw a great event kind of company and then I made my first sugar cookie and the response was overwhelming,” she explains. “Right now, my brother is my baker, my mom my purveyor of goods and my sister helps with packaging. We are currently a completely family-run business and I love it. I know it won’t stay that way, but I also know that no one will help me grow with as much commitment and dedication as my family will–so it’s a good start.”

Since parting ways her her former-partner, Morley, whose passion for baking blossomed when she was around 5, has seen customers’ request range from the traditional to the totally original. On top of classic designs for kids’ parties and baby showers (think ice cream cone shapes for kids and onesie-shaped cookies for showers), other popular designs include nautical motifs, the ever-popular minions, and many more. To satisfy her customer’s requests, Morley turns to an arsenal of cool cookie cutter shapes and even has certain cutter shapes specially 3D-printed for her.

“You can ask for anything. I mean, you want a set of lipstick and mascara and eyeliner cookies for your best friend because she loves makeup and she just got a job and you want to send her a little box of cookies? Done. Your dad is turning 50 and he likes to fish and he’s obsessed with a certain sports team or his dog? There you go. A box completely customized to them. When I don’t have a cookie cutter shape, I make my own by modifying something I already have or I order custom cookie cutters from Cookie Cutter Kingdom. They are also a small business and their customer service is top notch. For me, it’s all about helping each other grow,” she says.

And what’s next for Morley and her burgeoning cookie business? “As a born and bred New Yorker, I have seen first hand how the city has changed. The Upper East side has never been the mecca of cool, but like many others neighborhoods in New York- I think it’s on its way. Either way, it’s where I grew up and where I call home so I want to bring a store-front to the neighborhood that is geared towards kids of all ages–and that means 0-105, because I really believe  that both children and adults can enjoy the same things–plus it’s the secret to staying young,” Morley says. “As we grow, I am trying to build a business like the one Tom Watson built. He believed that the reason for IBM’s success was that from day one he treated it as if it were already a huge and well-oiled company. Taking Tom’s model and applying it to TKT means that I have to think big and even though we are still small. So I am always thinking about ways to grow. I love thinking about our cookies as a vehicle for happiness, because I’ve seen it and they really brighten people’s day. My vision for the big, big, big picture is to do what Warby Parker is doing, what TOMs is doing and these cookies have this amazing potential to really make people happy.”

Ultimately what Morley would also love to do is have certain boxes that people can order: like the New York Box, or the Boston Box, and have  certain amount of proceeds from each of these city boxes, would go to different charity organizations within that city like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital or anything having to do with kid’ s music programs and afterschool programs so that they can be creative and be active. “That’s the real bigger picture,” she says. “Ultimately, I want Tiny Kitchen Treats to send the message that that companies, even small ones, can use their influence for good and that big things can start in tiny kitchens.”

To learn more about Tiny Kitchen Treats and to contact Marisol Morley, visit! To see a selection of Morley’s creations, click click through the slideshow below, or visit her on Instagram!