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  • The Busy Mom’s Guide To Youthful Skin (Without Botox!)

    Our beauty blogger offers expert tips on anti-aging remedies (aside from Botox) and beauty solutions for busy parents

    By Amity Spiegel

    There comes a time (finally!) when your kids reach school-age and you have a teeny, tiny bit more free time—at least enough time to shower most days. Now you can spend a little more time on your appearance. But as most parents know, child-rearing does a number on your skin, hair, and body. If you’re like me and feel the need to inquire about Botox every time you get your moles checked (by the way: please get your moles checked at least once a year), here are some skin and make-up tips that will help you look and feel slightly less haggard.

    My No. 1 tip for good skin (aside from not smoking and not tanning) is to wear sunscreen daily and reapply as needed throughout the day.  Studies show that wearing sunscreen consistently as directed can reverse sun damage that is already there. If you’re concerned with fine lines and wrinkles, you should be using a retinol or Retin A (not for pregnant ladies or nursing moms, though). Invest in a skincare routine that fits your lifestyle and budget, and that you will use as directed daily.  Change up your products with the seasons: go heavier in winter and lighter in summer.


    Arcona Brightening Drops

    If you’re not already using serums, give them a try. A few of my favorites are Arcona’s Brightening Drops to help with sun damage and melasma, Arcona’s Booster Defense Serum and Luzern’s RC Serum for redness or rosacea-prone skin, Luzern’s WE3 for fines lines and wrinkles, and Luzern’s Firming Collagen Booster and Arcona’s Peptide Firming Complex for firming. For antioxident protection, I’m a fan of Arcona’s Youth Serum. And Arcona’s Vitamin A Complex is my preferred retinol serum.

    Treat yourself to semi-regular facials. Micro-currant facials use a currant to stimulate the muscles in the face, giving a lifted, sculpted and firmer look. I also love an oxygen facial that plumps, soothes, and hydrates a dry, parched, or sensitive skin. An Enzyme peel is also one of my favorites for deep exfoliation that leaves a brighter, tighter face. All of these products and treatments can be found at spas like Soho Sanctuary.

    Our diet impacts the way our skin looks and feels. For someone struggling with acne, a holistic recommendation is to eliminate sugar, dairy, and wheat from your diet. As you’ve heard, hydration is crucial for your skin and body. Raw coconut water, kombucha, lemon water, and green juice are all good choices for glowing skin.  You can also take a probiotic supplement, or better yet. eat probiotic-rich fermented foods (kombucha, miso, kimchi, kefir, or sauerkraut), which can nourish your skin, if you have rosacea or redness. Eat more plant-based foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Finally, make a conscious effort to eat the rainbow—a few more servings of fruit and veggies with each meal (organic and local options will always taste better).

    In terms of make-up that helps with anti-aging, I interviewed Tomy Rivero, celebrity make-up artist about mistakes women make essentials for busy mom’s and here is what he shared with me.

    What are some common mistakes women make with make up that ages them?

    Common mistakes women make that can age, too much rouge or heavy foundation that is too fair for their skin tone which can wash them out and strip the skin of a healthy glow. (don’t over do it with the bronzer this is also not a good idea. Warm up your complexion with bringing in a good balance between your blush and the right base tone.

    What are some easy tips to make the eye and forehead area look more youthful and diminish fine lines and wrinkles?

    A great tip to trick the eye for a smoother and more youthful eye and forehead area is hydration. After you are done with your makeup, use a light weight moisturizer (press it in with your hands in these areas) or your favorite makeup setting mist. This infuses the surface with hydration binding the makeup creating the appearance of a more radiant and smoother surface.

    What are five must-have make up products for busy moms wanting to look younger and more polished?

    Concealer, mascara, blush, lip stain, and tinted moisturizer and/or BB Cream. Caring for our bodies and skin is linked. Taking some time for yourself to get a facial or use nice skincare not only makes you look good but it makes you feel good as well.  The more I am able to take good care of myself, the better I feel which trickles down to my family, the better mom and wife I am, the whole family win. My mini quick fixes for anti-aging are lash extensions and bangs! My dermatologist actually suggested I get lash extension instead of Botox the last time I saw her, she swears by them. They add instant definition, fullness and drama to the eye and you can wear very little make-up with extensions, so they are great for busy mom’s on the go. And bangs, I thought I was going to let my bangs grow out but they serve a few purposes, they are an instant hairstyle for someone lazy who cant style her own hair, they it cover my forehead wrinkles and they make you look younger instantly! Win win win and very cheap. So go forth and do something nice for your body today!

    To learn more about Tomy Rivero, visit!

    Amity Spiegel is an esthetician, writer and Brooklyn mom of one active son. She is fascinated with all aspects of beauty and there is no treatment she will not try once in the name of research. Find her on Twitter @amityps and Pinterest @amityps.

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