Summer of Teva: The Mom Comfort Sandal

Teva Sandals

This summer, when it comes to comfort sandals, I’m not fu*king around. I am going full Teva. With these no-nonsense sandals, I have fallen prey to a trend of comfort shoes that I once deemed hideous (sorry Teva, forgive my frankness) and are now looking très chic, and I’m in!

It’s not like I have never owned a comfort shoe. I have worn Birkenstocks since I was a teen but mostly as a throw on sandal for the beach. But as a mom who walks miles during the summer, I’ve had to be honest with what I need wardrobe wise to function throughout a busy day. On the agenda are packed Summer weekends with a few trips where I will be traveling solo with the kids. I’ll be on my feet for hours, and one of my kids is a rambunctious three-year-old. Even knowing I have a busy few months ahead with the kids, I have found it hard to succumb to a sandal that my grandma used to wear. Frankly, I am a wee embarrassed it took me this long to admit I need Teva in my life. And now that I am wearing them, I feel every mom needs to get on the Teva train. I honestly feel like I am walking on butter. This past weekend, I was on my feet at the playground while running through the water fountains and climbing the jungle gym, and my feet felt steady. At this point in my life with kids, I need to feel like as I am out and about I can keep my focus on my children and not on what I am wearing. Le sigh, I am growing up.

But don’t fret, there is still a side of ego while I sport my Tevas. I am a former fashion editor who tends to still think of myself as a style expert, and I admit I am not sporting my Tevas with my old shorts. I am wearing my Tevas with long prairie skirts; flowy Ulla Johnson dresses, and my favorite Levi’s. How you wear them is up to you but walk in comfort my friend and enjoy your day with your kids.

Here are 7 Teva styles that are perfect for you!