Tasty science lessons

The new Edible Chemistry Kit by Copernicus makes science lessons so much more palatable — literally. Although my son is only 7 (and the kit is recommended for ages 10 and older), we were quickly making soda pop and learning about acids, bases, and pH levels. Older children can use the kit independently as long as they carefully follow the directions for the 16 experiments.

Right before my little Louis Pasteur’s eyes, a chemical reactions took place. The carbon dioxide he was blowing into a solution — er, bubbles he was blowing in a soft drink we made with the kit — changed the color of the fluid. The kit includes “magic color crystals,” calcium acetate, citric acid, sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate, cups, stirrers, plastic bags, pipette, and an instruction book,

Making discoveries together was an enormously rewarding and messy way to spend an afternoon. Quality time = love squared.

Edible Chemistry Kit by Copernicus, $18, www.uncom‌mongo‌ods.com.