Support National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day On April 30

shop-dog-boxWith National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day just around the corner on April 30, there’s no better way to teach your kids about the benefits of pet adoption, and to assist animals shelters nationwide, than with Operation ResCUTE!

This unique non-profit organization works to not only educate a new generation on the importance on why pet adoption is a wonderful thing, but also will be donating 100 percent of proceeds from their limited-edition educational book and stuffed animal sets to animal shelters across the country–they truly work to save the lives of animals!

The limited-edition educational book and stuffed animal sets include a super-cute stuffed animal doggy (named Jingles) and a story book that tells a true rescue tale. Jingles was a once-homeless puppy who started out on the streets of New York City, but finds a forever home with a family choosing to rescue.

With an estimated 2.7 million healthy animals that remain in animal shelters each year, and given the fact that the toy-and-book combo is so accessible and appealing to kids, it’s easy to see why Operation ResCUTE is incredibly valuable and makes a great gift!

To learn more about Operation ResCUTE, visit!