Summer 2022: Read Our Digital Summer Fun Guide Now!

Summer 2022: Read Our Digital Summer Fun Guide Now!
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Summer Family Fun: Read Our 2022 Digital Summer Fun Guide Now

Kids are too much. They start counting down the days until summer vacation in September and then when school finally lets out in June, it takes them less than a day to declare boredom. Hello, they’re called the lazy days of summer for a reason! 

Enter the Ultimate Family Guide to Summer Fun we partnered with American Dream for our annual summer-themed issue that is jam-packed with endless things to do to keep local families busy from Memorial Day all the way to Labor Day.

Plus, we’ve got 57 things to add to your summer bucket list this year. It’s going to be nearly impossible for your kids to be bored this summer – although they might still say it, just to get under your skin. 

With our guide, planning the best summer ever will be easier than ever! And after two years trapped in a stressful pandemic, we could all use a little extra fun this summer. Simply click on the issue below to start planning exciting, kid-friendly things to do with your family this summer!

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