Stitch Fix, the Online Personal Styling Service that Gives You All the Style Control

Back to school is around the corner and as parents, we are always looking for how the school year could be a bit easier with all that we have to manage. A little bit off our plate would be lovely, right? When our kids are younger we have more control over what they wear, awww- those were the days, but as soon as they are older, the opinions on what they will or won’t wear can be a daily challenge. Enter Stitch Fix Kids.

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that allows the parent to list and share on what their child’s fashion vibe is for the moment. Once the initial process of getting their style down, you can have their Stitch Fix box delivered monthly or for special occasions. You may have always hoped that there was a way for your clothes to reflect our family’s personality and preferences without the hassle of actually going to the stores and spending hours searching for the “perfect” piece. Well, with Stitch Fix, there is. 

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Here is how it works!

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is all about personalization — they understand the need for self-expression through style, and their personal stylists are here to help you develop your own, evolving style. Stitch Fix is available for women, men, and kids, so nobody in the family gets left out (well except your furry friend!). 

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

You begin by taking a Style Quiz, all about your personality, clothing preferences, style, sizes, and more. Then, you’ll receive a Fix, a box full of clothing for you to try on at home. The styling fee is only $20, and the $20 gets credited towards anything you keep. Oh, and did we mention that shipping and returns are free? Return everything that you don’t want to keep for no additional cost. Unlike many other companies, no subscription is required, so order Fixes whenever you want!

Ideal Shopping for a Busy Parent

Especially when the back to school shopping frenzy begins, it can be difficult to carve out time to bring your little ones to the stores. Shopping also isn’t always the smoothest experience, as kids surely want to be soaking up the summer sun outside instead of inside, trying on outfits for school. Avoid the long lines, stress, and time by simply filling out a bit about your kid’s personality, style, size, and price preferences. Pick a delivery date, and your Fix awaits! The Fix includes 8 to 12 pieces of hand-selected clothing, shoes, and accessories. Kids even get a Stylist note addressed specifically to them along with their Fix. Items for kids typically cost between $10 and $35, and if you would like to keep the whole box, enjoy 25% off! Items for men and women typically range from $25 to $500.

You Control the Deliveries 

One of the best parts about Stitch Fix, besides the time, price, and personalization benefits is that you don’t have to commit to anything in the heat of the moment. We all have had those indecisive moments, in which we’re standing in the dressing room, going back and forth about whether to buy the outfit. Or maybe your kids try on t-shirts, but you’re not sure if the t-shirts match with the shorts they have at home. You have to make a game-time decision, either buy the clothes or don’t and leave the store. However, in the case of Stitch Fix, you have way more time to think and decide. Wait until your friends come over or spouse comes home and get their opinions. Try the clothes on with your accessories and shift through your kid’s closet to see what matches well with their clothes. Take your time to find the right look. 

Stitch F

Stitch Fix Size Range

Kids sizes range from 2T to 14, and Stitch Fix now offers petite sizes, plus size clothing for women, and maternity clothing. Men’s clothing runs from XS to 3XL, waist 24 to 48 inches, and inseams 28 to 36 inches. Not only are the sizes accommodating, but another perk of Stitch Fix is the wide assortment of brands and styles. You’re familiar with the clothes at the stores you typically shop at, but Stitch Fix provides a new world of clothing, full of items that you’ve never seen before. Shop your favorite brands, like Kate Spade New York, Free People, and Nike, but also welcome new brands to your closet. Interested in further style inspiration? Check out Stitch Fix’s Style Guides for Women and Men, complete with fashion tips, outfit ideas, behind the scenes glimpses of Stitch Fix, and opportunities to ask questions to expert stylists.   

With Stitch Fix, you get the chance to experiment. Mix up your style, try those high waisted jeans you’ve been eyeing, and change up your looks with colors and patterns. Stitch Fix is not only an outlet for self-expression, but it boosts confidence, for both kids and parents, adding a spark of joy and self-assurance to your everyday life. Spice up your closet with a fashion-forward, diverse collection of clothing, all while having a fun, low-stress experience. Whether you’re ordering for your kids or yourself, take the style quiz today, and prepare for a mini fashion show within the comfort of your home. We all deserve to find that beautiful connection between interior and exterior, to express ourselves, and to create our own, unique place in this world.