The Best Spots for Enjoying Spring Blossoms and “Sakura” in New York City

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It’s spring in New York City! And, with the season has come the prettiest flowers we will see all year. So, grab your picnic blanket, your adventurous spirit, and maybe some allergy medication for a trip to the best nature spots in the city! Whether you’re local or just visiting for a little while, we have rounded up our 10 favorite parks and gardens for your family!

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden (BBG) has more than its regular show of foliage to boast of this weekend (April 27 – 28), it has its annual Cherry Blossom Festival! Come out to celebrate spring, Japanese culture, and new life with the BBG! There will be two days full of pop-up events, learn how to make origami in workshops or play Shogi Chess from the New York Masters.

Neighborhood: Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

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The Queens Botanical Garden

The daffodils are dashing! The tulips are twirling! All sorts of flowers are blooming at the Queens Botanical Garden (QBG)! Come out to run through fields of Daffodils in the Daffodil Dash or let artists move you with their flower-inspired art or spectate the Queen’s College’s dance troupe twirling in time for a flower centric performance on May 4. With springtime activities bound to excite and entertain, head out to QBG to enjoy a fine spring day!

Neighborhood: Flushing, Queens

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New York Botanical Garden

Sweet scents and purple florets fill the air! May 4 – 5 is Lilac Weekend at the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). Here, families can drop in and draw inspiration from the garden just like Monet did in his own home garden or learn about this historic Lilac collection on a guided tour with one of NYBG’s curators! With raffles, live music, and lilacs galore, there’s so much to see at NYBG’s Lilac Weekend!

Neighborhood: Fordham Heights, Bronx

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Central Park

Central Park is one of the best places to enjoy budding flora and fauna in the city! Take a day to tromp through the Conservatory Garden or relax by the Burnett Fountain or wander down one of the many trails that run through Central Park. With blooms that won’t disappoint and activities bound to excite your kids, no matter how old, Central Park is an iconic spot for springtime fun in the sun!

Neighborhood: Upper East and West Side, Manhattan

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The High Line

Home to over 50 species of shrubs, perennials, grasses, and trees, The High Line is a 1.45 mile-long park elevated above the streets of Chelsea! Enjoy the hyacinths, pansies, and pluff primroses this spring. Whether you want to sniff in all flowery scents or enjoy a nice walk along the Hudson River, The High Line is the perfect place for a warm spring day!

Neighborhood: Chelsea, Manhattan

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Wave Hill

Spread out over 28-acres, Wave Hill is home to tropical plants, perennial wildflowers, and cherry blossom trees! Open to the public, families are invited to come and enjoy their living collection of flora and fauna. Whether your family just wants to come out and smell the tulips or swing by for a fun interactive event, Wave Hill is perfect for you and your kids this spring!

Neighborhood: Riverdale, Bronx

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Washington Square Park

Take a stroll down 5th Avenue, through the iconic Washington Square Arch and into Washington Square Park. Here, there are daffodils, irises, crocuses, and more! Bring a picnic or enjoy a good game of Chess under the Dogwood Trees or under Cherry Blossoms and leaves this spring!

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, Manhattan

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Prospect Park

Enjoy a stroll under the Crabapple blossoms and Magnolia trees that paint the landscape of Brooklyn’s 526 acre park pale shades of pink and cream. With a number of events and attractions, your family has an array of activities to choose from! Find a perch and birdwatch or grab a blanket and basket to picnic, hop on the carousel for a spin or ride a real horse in Prospect Park! With so many things to do and so much new life to enjoy, springtime is by far the prettiest season time to explore Prospect Park.

Neighborhood: Park Slope and Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Enjoy Spanish Bluebells and yellow wildflowers along the East River! With a number of piers and gardens, the Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) is the place to enjoy the outdoors this season. Whether you want to kick a soccer ball around with the family or wander down a few paths on your own nature expedition, the BBP will offer a breeze on hot days and warm sunshine of cool ones!

Neighborhood: DUMBO, Brooklyn

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Domino Park

Though there’s a volleyball court, playground, and fun fountain at the park’s southern top, Domino Park is a park that pays tribute to its industrial history. The refinery’s crane tracks know house various species of plants for the public to enjoy and, stretched along the East River, families can enjoy seasonal flowers and a light breeze off the water while playing a game of bocce or hide and seek on the grounds!

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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