Horse Rescue Center Launches Equine Therapy Program

Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation is a non-profit, multi-faceted program encompassing the rescue of abused, neglected, or unwanted horses.

It has recently launched an equine thereapy program called Promise of New Spirit which utilizes horses as co-facilitators and teachers in the learning process. Workshops offer a supportive environment for those struggling with a variety of needs and concerns. Acting as a mirror, horses provide immediate feedback to human emotions and behaviors.

Whether you are interested in improving your leadership skills, creating a more cohesive group dynamic through team-building activities, or looking for support from a meaningful personal development workshop, Promise of a New Spirit offers fun and engaging learning experiences for people of all ages.

Located in Riverhead, on the east end of Long Island, New York, more than twenty horses have found companionship, respect, love and retreat at the rescue center. Through Spirit’s Promise these horses get a second chance as teachers and healers. 

It also has a number of activities for children and adults such as, weekly line dancing, volunteer Sundays, one-day getaways, and hosts corporate events, weddings, fundraisers, private parties, and children’s parties.

Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation is located at 2746 Sound Ave. in Riverhead. For more information call 631-875-0433 or visit

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