Snow Fun For City Families

The snow can sometimes keep city families indoors, but the recent snowfall has us eager to get outside! With these new toys, winter is much more fun (and active) for both parents and kids. Create fun family memories playing in the powder with these amazing toys that will upgrade any snow day.


Paricon, Inc. Winter Heat Toboggan 660

This year, put the trashcan lid aside and sled in style with this light and durable toboggan. It’s unlike your typical sled as you can sit back and steer with the tilt of your body. For extra control, there are integrated brakes to keep speeds safe. This lightweight sled can easily be brought anywhere, whether your kids are sledding down a hill in the nearby park or on a ski trip adventure.

$17.01, amazon.com



WHAM-O Snowball Blaster

Everybody loves a good snowball fight. Enhance the friendly combat with WHAM-O’s Snowball Blaster for longer distance battles! With a removable three-ball press on top, the blaster can shoot up to 80 feet. It not only launches snowballs, but also makes them by compressing the snow within a matter of seconds.  So put on your gloves and get ready for a great time.

$17.99, amazon.com 



Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled

For some fun and healthy competition, grab this sled and a stopwatch and challenge your family to a speed sledding race. Zipfys are used for competitive races worldwide so join the fun on a nearby hill. It’s extremely lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, making this sled fun for everyone. Its feet first design and easiness to stop or control speed also makes it safe for ages 5 and up.

$24.10, amazon.com 



Hammacher Schlemmer’s Street and Snow Scooter           

We’ve all seen children zipping around the city streets on their scooters, but have you ever seen them ride one in the snow? With this model, your kid can carve turns in fresh powder or packed snow! It comes with a kit that replaces its two in-line wheels with two patented skis along with an interchangeable rear-wheel fender brake for pavement and a rear-ski fork brake for snow.

$99.95, hammacher.com



Snowman Building Kit With Box 

This kit has everything your family needs to build their very own Frosty: a felt hat with ribbon, scarf, mittens, wooden carrot nose and eyes, and buttons. These classic accessories will help your fam’s snowman stand out in the park! Best of all, the items are reusable so put them back in the box and they’re ready for next year’s winter wonderland.

14.99, amazon.com