Sneak Peek: Back-To-School Looks From Converse, Levi’s, Nike, and Jordan

Spring fashion has sprung, so naturally, we’re starting to look ahead to this fall’s coolest “back to school” styles. Browse this sneak peak of the newest. trendy selections from Converse, Levi’s, Nike, and Jordan, which include everything from therma-fit athletic wear to graphic print backpacks.


We love how these styles merge old-school athletic vibes with a modern twist. Some of our favorites include the “It’s Raining Chucks Tee” for its bright colors and fun attitude; the “Colorblocked Raglan” for its cool vintage baseball look, the “Statements Cap” for its trendy graphic print, and the “Printed Combo Super Skinny” for its great balance between sporty and chic.

Converse 1


1. Core Fleece Varsity Baseball Jacket, $65

2. Oversized Scribble Chuck Tee, $18

3. Colorblocked Raglan, $32

4. Core Fleece Pant, $34

5. Statements Cap, $18

6. 3PK Socks, $12

7. It’s Raining Chucks Tee, $18

Converse 2

8. Printed Combo Super Skinny, $38

9. Printed Sleeve Varsity Bomber, $65

10. Hi-Lo Graphic Boyfriend Raglan Tee, $24







This fall collection from Levi’s is all about being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Their Knit Joggers (which come in various shades) are snuggly sweatpants made to look like jeans, while their Denim Leggings for girls feature cute accents and stretchy material. For more straightforward denim, there are plenty of charming bootcut and skinny jeans!

Levi's 1


1. Knit Jogger in Thompson, $48

2. Knit Cargo in Waverly, $48

3. Knit Trucker Jacket in Mercer, $50

4. Batwing Tee in White, $18

5. Flat Brim Logo Cap, $20

6. Indigo Wave, $50

Levi's 2

7. Indigo Night The Knit Jogger, $40

8. Indigo Knit Super Skinny Jean, $40

9. New Rinse Super Skinny Jean, $40

10. Lazy Blue The Knit Jogger, $40

11. Thompson Super Skinny Jean, $40

12. Drama Queen with Geo Print Fleece Jacket, $58Levi's 3

13. Grestone Tee, $20|

14. Blue Rapids Bootcut Jean, $40

15. Greystone with Mellow Mauve Side Dye Denim Legging, $45

16. Venice Dot Dye, $34

17. Drama Queen Bootcut Jean, $50

18. Animal Instincts Denim Legging, $40

19. Ultra Pink Soft Denim Legging, $38

20.  Geoisle Print Denim Legging, $40

21. Blatant Blue Denim Legging, $40


Your little athlete will be looking fab in some great “Back to School” looks from Nike. Graphic print leggings, Pom Pom Beanies, and eye-catching neon colors are among the most popular trends this fall. And don’t forget cute sport-wear for your tiniest tot—adorable onesies let you dress them up as a football, baseball, basketball, or even a little referee!

Nike 11. Girls Jogger Pant, $36

2. Girls Socks, $10

3. Girls Dri-Fit Legging, $34

4. Girls Gloves, $24

5. Girls Pom Pom Beanie, $18

6. Girls F/Z Dri-Fit Hoodie, $44

7. Girls Legend Tee, $20

8. Girls Therma-Fit Hoodie, $38

9. Boys Beanie, $18

10. Boys All-Over Print Therma-Fit Hoodie, $48

11. Boys GRX Therma-Fit Hoodie, $38

12. Boys Jogger Pant, $34

13. Boys Gloves, $20

14. Boys Socks, $10

Nike 215. Girls Tricot Set, $48

16. Girls Futura Star Bodysuit, $24

17. Girls Cute & In Control Bodysuit, $24

18. Girls Love 2 Win Bodysuit, $44

19. Girls All Me All Day Bodysuit, $30

20. Girls Booties, $12

21. Boys 3pc hanging Tromp L’oeil Set, $40

22. Boys 2pc hanging Tromp L’oeil Set, $26

23. Boys Booties, $10

Jordan’s “back to school” best includes both therma-fit and Dri-Fit hoodies, sweatpants, and tee-shirts, which are perfect for your highly active kiddos. Some of the company’s bestsellers include patterned beanies with pom poms and their graphic print mini backpacks (which some women even use  as purses). Bold colors, including Jordan’s signature red, gray, and black, are also popular.

Jordan 11. Thermafit Hoodie, $75

2. Hat, $24

3. Dri-Fit Tee, $26

4. Beanie, $18

5. Thermafit Pants, $55

6. Socks, $12

7. Photo Reel Mini Backpack, $65

Jordan 28. Oversized Tee, $30

9. Socks, $12

10. Leggings, $45

11. Beanie, $22

12. Hoodie, $75

13. Tank, $30

14. Shorts, $40

15. Graphic Daypack, $65

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