Smithsonian Museum Day 2019: Free Admission September 21

The Smithsonian is Celebrating its Annual Museum Day on September 21!

New York City is filled with so many amazing, world-famous museums, and for one day of the year, the Smithsonian is opening its doors to the public with free entry at all its participating museums. This is your chance to see that exhibit you have been eyeing or discover a new one that you never knew existed.

From so many different museums, you and your family can discover exhibits that cover history, air and space, natural history, science, art and so much more!

How to Get Tickets?

The only way to participate in the Smithsonian Museum Day is to go online and download The Museum Day ticket. Make your way to smithsonianmag.com where you can browse hundreds of museums. The easiest way is to select your state, borough or zip code that you wish to explore. From there, the website will show you all the possible museums that are available to the public. Once you select your preferred museum, you will be able to download a ticket (valid for two people). Make sure to keep track of this ticket so that you can present it when arriving.

If you have your heart set on a particular museum, make sure to get your ticket ahead of time since there is a limited amount of occupants allowed in.

Where Will Your Curiosity Lead You?

No matter what museum you decide to head to. Share your experience during Museum Day!

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