Shop Like A Pro

Last week we introduced our new web series aptly entitled, Style School For Moms, a witty, warm and savvy guide for busy moms to re-find their style and get back to chic. In the series we matched up witty mom blogger and NYF contributor Heather Chaet (an over-scheduled mom with no time to shop) with Beckie Klein and Martina Gordon, former models, fashion industry veterans and now professional “re-stylists.” Click here for our first installment (filled with tons of photos and great styling and closet-conquering tips) or see below for this week’s installment: Shopping Like A Pro!

Think of them as shopping gurus, shopping experts, the Stephen Hawkings of the shopping universe. Our re-stylists Beckie and Martina are out and about almost everyday looking for clothes for their clients. They know the city fashion scene, what’s in stores from uptown to downtown, west side to east side. We’d love to have them with us every time we step into a store, but for those times we can’t, here are some shopping hints from the pros.

Don’t give up an idea of a style just because one brand didn’t work.

Say you are trying on slim jeans. If your tummy is spilling over the top or there are too many creases in the rear area, then it’s too tight. However, if most of it fits well, but the waist is too tight, Beckie says, “Don’t throw out the idea of buying the fitted jean; just try fitted jeans in another brand or in a different store.”

Stay away from sales.

“You feel persuaded by the price and you end up with things in your closet because they were cheap, not because you like them,” Beckie says. The exception to this: if you saw it at the original price and really wanted it, didn’t get it and now it’s marked down. “Of course, then grab it!” Martina says.

Stay focused.

It is easy to get overwhelmed in large stores, like H&M. They suggest knowing specifically what you are hunting for and stay focused on that. “I tell myself I only want to see what I need in my closet. Let’s say I need a cute, fresh t-shirt, then force myself stay focused on t-shirts, and not jumpers or dresses,” Beckie says. By staying locked onto what you need, you don’t get “shopping information overload” by browsing through everything the store is offering.

Question yourself.

You are in the dressing room and you aren’t sure about a sweater or a pair of pants. They suggest asking yourself: “Would I wear this out of the store?” If you would, then you know you like it and you know it will work for your lifestyle. If you don’t know the answer to the question, then walk away. “Many women don’t walk away often enough,” Martina says. Grab your camera phone and snap a picture of it to show a friend or someone you trust. If you are still thinking about it the next day, go back and buy it.

 Remember your lifestyle.

“Women tear out a page in the magazine, go into a store, and buy the whole outfit when it maybe won’t work for them in their everyday life,” Martina says. “If you can’t bring us, bring a friend, someone who knows you and understands your lifestyle,” Beckie adds.

Photo: from left, Martina Gordon and Beckie Klein of beckiemartina.
Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein.