Scoop: Cratejoy for My Self-Care Win

One truth about #momlife? I want things to come to me. I do not mean riches and luxury cars. I like the things I need in my life to be delivered every month, so I have less work to do. I want creative tools to entertain my child and the necessities that a parent needs to be sent to my apartment. And this is why I love Cratejoy

What is Cratejoy, and how does it work? It is a subscription box service that experts curate and create for you monthly. There is something for everyone, from self-care boxes curated by a therapist to children’s books, beauty, and men’s clothing.  

I started with two box subscriptions. I first chose the Dungeon Crate Digital Subscription as a ruse to get my 11-year-old away from YouTube. I am also a realist, though, and meeting halfway with a tweenager makes for a happy kid, so I chose a digital subscription box. At under $10 (including shipping!), this is perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and other role-playing game enthusiasts. 

In his first box, he received a “so cool” (his words) gaming accessory set of terrain, dice, a fun challenge map—and a Dark Heavens Bones Reaper miniature. My son happily plays with his mythical creatures and using his imagination and wit, which is vital in what has been an unprecedented time for kids. I am a pretty good mom, but would not have thought of putting this all together, so to have someone who actually gets what a game kid would enjoy makes for $10 well-spent. 

Now my box. I chose the Shaker & Spoon cocktail box. And yes, I am counting cocktails as a necessity these days. I am not a heavy drinker, but working remotely while homeschooling my boys has made me appreciate a worthy restaurant drink after a long day of crazy. The Shaker & Spoon box sends 3 unique recipes by top bartenders. Each recipe makes 4. 

My first box included recipes for fun-titled drinks Girls Just Wanna Have Bourbon, Living Proof, Matriarch Martini, and my favorite “Baba, Let Me Tell you One Thing.”  You also get a bit of schooling on the art of making a fab drink; this box includes a glossary of tools, techniques, and equipment to teach you how to make a top-notch bar drink. The best part is the ingredients also make for a perfect mocktail; add a bit of club soda and garnish, and you have the ideal alcohol-free drink for any time of the day. 

And while I am happy with the boxes we are receiving from Cratejoy, I appreciate that I can change it up or add to what I like to have sent every month. With so many stores limited on hours, this is a great way to add some self-care and save time to my day. I also appreciate that the Cratejoy website has something for everyone to wish to receive or give as gifts. I currently have my eye on the Chakra Box, which I need more than ever as school keeps getting delayed. Seeing a theme here?!

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