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Capitol Debate Summer Camps

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About Us

Capitol Debate warmly welcomes middle and high school students to our transformative debate and public speaking programs. Our summer camps are gateways to personal growth, skill development, and unforgettable memories, blending educational excellence with the joy of summer adventure.

Our curriculum is designed to meticulously develop both speaking and debating skills, ensuring students emerge as confident communicators and thinkers. Here's a closer look at our focused training approach:


In Public Speaking, our focus areas include:

Voice Projection: Teaching students to speak clearly and audibly.

Voice Modulation: Varying pitch and tone for emphasis and effect.

Articulation: Ensuring clarity and precision in speech.

Passion: Encouraging expressive, enthusiastic delivery.

Use of Emphasis and Pauses: Enhancing speech dynamics for impact.

Confidence: Building self-assurance in public speaking.


For Body Language, we emphasize:

Eye Contact: Engaging with the audience visually.

Hand Gestures: Using gestures to reinforce messages.

Body Movements: Incorporating movement for emphasis.

Body Postures: Maintaining a confident, approachable stance.


We train students in:

Powerful Openings: Captivating the audience from the start.

Clear Statement of Claims: Presenting arguments concisely.

Backing Claims with Reasoning and Supporting Materials: Strengthening arguments with evidence.

Extemporaneous Speaking: Developing the ability to speak spontaneously and coherently.


In Debate, our focus includes:

Cross-Examination: Skillfully questioning and clarifying points.

Refutation: Effectively countering arguments.

Powerful Closings: Concluding debates with impact.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos: Utilizing these persuasive techniques.

Persuasion: Convincing the audience through logical argumentation.


Soft Skills - The 7 Cs:

Collaboration: Fostering teamwork and cooperative problem-solving.

Conflict Resolution: Equipping students to navigate and resolve disputes effectively.

Community Building: Encouraging active participation and contribution to community development.

Character: Cultivating integrity, responsibility, and ethical behavior.

Comradery: Building friendships and peer support networks.

Critical Thinking: Developing analytical skills for thoughtful decision-making.

Creativity: Encouraging innovative thinking and unique expression.


Our 'summer camp first' philosophy means we blend rigorous learning with fun activities that foster teamwork, build friendships, and promote diverse perspectives. Students leave with not only new skills but also lasting memories and friendships.


Join us at Capitol Debate this summer and watch your child transform into a confident, articulate, and critical thinker, equipped to make a positive impact.