Savor Reinvents Keepsake Storage

Savor Print_ 20151016_SAVOR_1008Two local moms are taking on the silent epidemic that has plagued families for far too long—the memorabilia storage crisis. Savor, the company whose slogan is “Keepsake Storage Reinvented,” is taking the clutter at the top of the closet and moving it to an effortlessly stylish memento box.

“Most of the time we get responses like: ‘Finally, I have somewhere special enough to put those important things,’” co-founder Karla the Losen says of how Savor products are changing the way families see keepsakes.

The company’s two product lines—The Library: Baby Keepsake Box and The Library: School Years Keepsake Box, not only make it easy to store memories without chaos, but compliment home decor. The Savor Libraries are offered in three different colorways and come complete with acid-free drawers, illustrated labels, vertical files, and mini envelopes to keep what matters most safe and secure, but also easy to store in an eye-catching way. Stitched frames on the edition’s spines hold included acetate initials or children’s photos.

Savor believes keepsakes should serve a greater purpose than being tucked away at the top of the closet or hidden under the bed. “We want to help families incorporate these precious memories into their everyday lives,” co-founder Jennifer McAllister-Nevins explains.

McAllister-Nevins and the Losen originally met when their respective daughters, Liv (now 12) and Dylan (now 11), were becoming friends in preschool. A few years later, they were chatting while the kids were playing together and ended up concocting the idea for Savor.

“It just struck me one day. I turned to Jennifer and said: ‘Show me where you keep what you store for your children,’” the Losen recalls of the business’ “ah-ha” moment.

The two moms realized there was a huge gap in the market, and that there wasn’t a real solution for this problem so many families faced. They also saw, early on, how their individual strengths complimented each other.

Savor Print_Jennifer & Karla
Jennifer McCallister Nevins & Karla the Losen

“I was always the mom people would go to for party planning tips, recipe ideas, and that kind of thing,” McAllister-Nevins says. “I knew how to get things organized in an easy and efficient way.”

McAllister-Nevins’—who also has a younger daughter Lucy (age 9) and son Theo (age 6)—knack for organization goes hand-in-hand with her law degree from New York University and master’s degree from Oxford. Meanwhile, the Losen has an eye for design and an MBA from Columbia—and also comes from a professional background in the product development space for gear aimed at children and families.

Along with addressing storage needs, the two moms have aimed to help families enhance the time they spend together.

The “Our Savorite Things” blog, found on the Savor site, connects with families by providing them with ideas on how to create lasting memories. “The blog can help families come up with new ways to
create memories together,” McAllister-Nevins says.

Savor Print_20151019_SAVOR_2566In addition to becoming a point of bonding, the diverse color selection offered for each product allows for the memorabilia boxes to be displayed on a bookshelf without clashing with decor.

“When your keepsakes are this easily accessible, you’re much more likely to share them with guests when they stop by your home or family members at a birthday party,” McAllister-Nevins says. She adds that Savor’s products bring keepsakes into family life in a new way.

McAllister-Nevins and the Losen have both been surprised by the versatility of the products. In fact, the Losen’s kids—Luke, 8, and Dylan—find just as much use in the boxes as she does. “They love to look back at the $2 bills their great grandmother sent every year on their birthdays,” she says. “When I give them a new box, they get to decide what’s important to them to keep.”

To learn more about Savor, visit savor.us!