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  • Sakara Life Founder Danielle DuBoise’s Motherhood Must-Haves

    New mom and Sakara Life founder & co-CEO Danielle Duboise shares the 10 products that keep her moving as a mother and businesswoman

    By Mia Weber

    sakara life founder danielle duboise in a white shirt and jeans

    Sakara Life founder and co-CEO Danielle DuBoise knows a thing or two about the importance of surrounding yourself with people and things that nourish and empower. A busy entrepreneur in the wellness space—Sakara Life is an oh-so-buzzed-about plant-based and organic food delivery program with an emphasis on making healthy food choices part of a holistic lifestyle rather than a crash diet—a certified health coach, and a new mama (she had her first child over the past year), DuBoise knows full-well that having a go-to roster of brands and products to help make life easier is super-important.

    Just like she shared her nutrition and wellness secrets with the world when she co-founded Sakara Life, she’s graciously sharing her super-mom essentials! Here are the 10 products that keep her going—both as a mom and as a businesswoman.

    Sakara Life Founder Danielle DuBoise’s 10 Motherhood Must-Haves:

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