Wardrobe Up at Primark, now Open at Citi Point in Downtown Brooklyn


Wardrobe- up at Primark, now Open at Citi Point in Downtown Brooklyn
Primark City Point

Wardrobe- up at Primark, now Open at Citi Point in Downtown Brooklyn

Right before the pandemic, I found myself on a layover in Scotland (whoo hoo) and decided to explore Edinburgh Castle, but I wasn’t too prepared wardrobe-wise for this castle excursion. I hopped off the train and dashed into Primark, a mega-retailer I knew primarily resided in the Uk and Europe. It is tough to impress me, but I was impressed by the stylish offerings and the affordability of the clothes. I left with pieces (and a warm coat under $40) that I still cherish. 

a resource clothing shop is now open in Citi Point , Brooklyn
June Cover features all Primark Clothing, photo: Yumi Matsuo

Now East Coasters can find Primark at Kings Plaza Mall, American Dream, Freehold Raceway Mall, Jamaica Avenue Queens, Staten Island Mall, Roosevelt Field, and Buffalo, and it will be opening soon at Jersey Gardens and in Albany. The latest is 49,000 square feet of space in the ultra-hip City Point in Downtown Brooklyn. The massive store has womenswear, menswear, kidswear, homeware, health and beauty, activewear and gifting. 

Photo: Yumi Matsuo

Shopping for kids, while fun, has its challenges, and what one can appreciate about the Primark brand is that there is something for everyone. Most importantly, a family can find stylish, on-trend clothes that work within their budget. From baby to tween and teenager looks that the most hardened fashionista will say yes to, you will find it. If you mix your designer pieces with items that give longevity to your cherished looks, this is a great resource to fill in those holes in your closet. Or if you’re like many New Yorkers who are still working remotely, comfort items like jogger jeans and wide-legged trousers help you to feel put together and Zoom presentable. With new stores opening up on the horizon, there will soon be even more stylish somethings for everyone.