Planet Fitness High School *FREE* Summer Pass for Kids Ages 14 to 19

Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass for Kids Ages 14 to 19
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Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass for Kids Ages 14 to 19

High school students can look forward to a summer of good health, fun times and potentially a $10,000 scholarship prize.

As the school year comes to an end, taking school sports and Physical Education with it, many students will lose access to their school’s workout facilities and equipment, missing out on months of potential exercise and physical activity.

Luckily, the Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass program is back!

For the third year straight, high school students between the ages of 14 and 19 can workout for free in any of the 2400 Planet Fitness locations throughout the United States and Canada.

The program will run May 15 through August 31, providing a much-needed space for physical activity in a fun, safe, and non-judgmental environment.

By launching the program during Mental Health Awareness month, Planet Fitness hopes to encourage young adults to prioritize their mental and physical health as summer vacation approaches.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least an hour of daily physical activity for kids up to 17 years old, a feat that is difficult for many kids to achieve on their own.

Alarmingly, a 2021 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey found that nearly 30% of high school students struggled with poor mental health, and self-reports in other studies indicate that number may be even higher.

Research shows that students who participate in regular exercise not only experience physical and mental health improvements, they’re also more likely to perform well academically than their non-active peers.

Planet Fitness conducted its own national study of teen health behaviors and found that while reports of mental health concerns, low energy, and excessive screentime usage are high, teens’ motivation and desire to build healthy habits are even higher.

This is made clear by the fact that last year more than 3.5 million teenagers nationwide took advantage of the gym’s free workouts during their summer break.

Besides improving health and increasing energy, ten lucky participants in the High School Summer Pass program will also have the opportunity to win $10,000 in academic scholarship!

Submission to the contest is easy- teens in the United States can enter by uploading a video to Tik Tok describing their experience in the program and tagging @planetfitness and using the hashtags #contest and #HSSP23US.

Schools can take advantage of this opportunity as well, as Planet Fitness will award an additional $100,000 across 10 schools for the improvement of facilities, equipment, and health and wellness initiatives. For more information on the contest and its guidelines, visit

“At Planet Fitness, it’s our continued mission as the leader in fitness to provide high school students free access to our more than 2,400 locations in the U.S. and Canada to start and stick with a health and fitness journey,” said Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau. “Research shows that teens are struggling with overall wellness, and this is one of the many reasons why the High School Summer Pass program is so important. Having joined the gym for the first time when I was 16, I know firsthand the benefits exercise has had on my life, so we look forward to helping teens create lifelong habits in the Judgement Free Zone® this summer.”

Mental and physical health can be incredibly difficult for anyone to maintain- and teenagers are no exception. While school buildings may be closed and team sports on hiatus during the summer months, high school students don’t have to worry about a lack of access to a safe and fun space to exercise and explore.

With more than 2,400 facilities around the country, the Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass program makes health accessible to everyone. Learn more or register a teen today by visiting

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