10 Ideas for Planning a NYC Spring Break Family Staycation

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10 Ideas for Planning a NYC Spring Break Family Staycation

With travel still restricted, many families are choosing to stay home this year and creating their own NYC spring break family staycation. There’s so much to do in this wonderful city, and planning a fun week for the whole family while staying home can feel like a daunting task. Still, there are some general activities you can enjoy during spring break in the city that will provide a week’s worth of entertainment. We’ve created a list of easy ideas that can be adapted for any family to create your ideal staycation in which everyone will be engaged and having fun the entire week.

Go for a Picnic in the Park

With weather permitting, take your family to enjoy the outdoors in a stunning location, and get a chance to eat out of the house for once. It’s an easy activity that gets everyone in the family out and enjoying one another’s company amongst the blooming flowers and trees. You can head to Prospect Park, Washington Square Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, or one of the many others in your area this break for a nice and simple picnic everyone can enjoy.

Go Sightseeing

With less tourists coming into the city in the spring time, it’s the perfect time to take your family to see some of New York City’s most famous locations without the insane crowds. You can venture out to the Statue of Liberty or even the Empire State Building without feeling the claustrophobia and stress of the usual overwhelming amount of people. New York City is full of amazing sights that people sometimes miss when they live nearby. A spring break family staycation is the perfect opportunity to be a tourist in your own great city, even for just a few days.

Ride the Roosevelt Island Tram

Another great way to experience the magnificence of your city from above is in the classic tram to Roosevelt Island. The tram runs about every 15 minutes from Manhattan to the island, and has an incredible view of the New York City skyline — you can even make a day trip out of it. The tiny island is only two miles wide, with almost no cars, and very few pedestrians. It’s an oasis in the middle of the city that will give your family a unique experience of the city. See about tickets and hours for the tram here.

Check Out a Local Museum

New York City is a cultural hub with dozens of museums each celebrating a different aspect of the human experience. Whether you’re looking for art, history, or simply exciting exhibits, NYC has a museum you can enjoy during your spring break family staycation. They’re interactive and will entertain your kids while also teaching them more about the world around them. You can explore the American Museum of Natural History, the Children’s Museum of the Arts, or your borough’s own children’s museum for a fun experience everyone can enjoy over the school break.

Visit the Aquarium or the Zoo

Get your kids in tune with the nature by taking them to see amazing animals from around the world. You can visit the New York Aquarium to explore the deep blue sea or head to one of New York’s Zoos to see land animals from across all continents. They provide great access to nature that simply isn’t available anywhere else in the big city. It’s a great outing for the entire family to learn about the world around them while enjoying the sweet animals and exciting exhibits.

See the Flowers at the New York Botanical Gardens

With spring reaching full bloom soon, there will be flowers sprouting up in the New York Botanical Gardens for everyone to enjoy. During spring break, they’ll be highlighting the orchids as they start to open up. They provide both in-person and virtual tours of the grounds, so your family can bask in the beauty from anywhere. It’s the perfect family staycation activity for spring break as the flowers will be just starting to blossom, creating a stunning scene you can’t get elsewhere in the city. You can check out the activities and get your tickets here.

Go for a Hike

Your family can explore more of the greenery of New York through local hiking trails that celebrate the union of nature and urban life throughout the city. Hiking is a great excursion for your spring break family staycation as it allows you to stay active and get outside for an event everyone can participate in. There are several family friendly hikes within the city, and even more just outside if you’re willing to travel a little further out. You can check out two of the most popular trails, Marine Park Salt Marsh and Inwood Hill Park, to get started on your outdoor adventures.

Go to an Amusement Park

With warm weather approaching, more and more amusement parks are opening up around the city. After a year of COVID closing down all kinds of outside entertainment, these parks have taken precautions to ensure safety for their guests. Your kids will love the stimulating environment and fun rides and games making for an exciting spring break outing. For more information about what parks are open and the best places to visit, check out our article, Amusement Parks In & Near NYC: Everything You Need to Know

Cool Down at the Indoor Water Park

If you’re looking for more active outings for the family, you can head down to a nearby indoor water park. It’s a fun chance for your kids to get out their energy during spring break through swimming and other fun attractions. These indoor parks are perfect for colder days when outside adventures aren’t possible. They’re full of exciting excursions that everyone can enjoy for a day of family fun. You can find nearby indoor waterparks in our article 9 Indoor Waterparks Near New York City: Perfect for Family Getaways.

Go to the Movies

Movie theaters have recently reopened in New York City, and with limited crowds coming in, it’s an excellent excursion for the whole family. It’s been a long time since we could enjoy movies on the big screen, and now is the perfect time to get back in and see films in their optimal setting. New releases of movies meant to come out last year are slowly rolling out making for exciting viewing in the theater. Going to the movies is an easy activity to add to your spring break family staycation to fill several hours with no complaints.