“PJ Masks Live! Time To Be a Hero” Comes To NYC

Catboy. Photo by Wilton Brothers Photography

It’s time to be a hero when “PJ Masks Live! Time To Be a Hero” takes the big stage in the big apple this month.

The live show is based on Entertainment One’s top-rated animated television series, “PJ Masks,” which airs daily on Disney Junior. Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and the Baddies will delight fans of all ages with their first-ever live performance!

We chatted with Ben Shimkus who plays Catboy in the production to get an insider’s scoop on the show! Here are the top ten things you can get excited about as your favorite nighttime superheroes come to NYC:

  1. If you like the PJ Masks television series, you’ll love the live show! Ben said the show is just incredible! He feels so lucky to be doing what he is doing and making the characters come to life. And it’s so exciting to see the kids’ excitement and energy as they take in the production, familiar and original music, acrobatics and immersive interactivity.
  2. The show is great for families. The show is built for the kids with the subject matter but equally great for adults with humor built in just for them. Kids of all ages are sure to be entertained.
  3. The characters are even better in person than on TV! Catboy has a big job since Catboy is a leader and more like a lion then a cat. He gets into character by getting insights from the TV show producers, learning how characters were built and taking details and energy from the words in the script. He also watched the show to study the characters in action to implement as much as possible for the show.
  4. The PJ Masks have fun ways to get ready to take the big stage. To get ready for a show the PJ Masks have a pre-show ritual of playing patty cake. Before every show they set a goal of a different number of patty cake rounds to hit before the show. If that’s not enough, to totally get into the kid mentality, Catboy jumps rope and jumps on a trampoline to get blood flowing and energy up for the big performance.
  5. The TV show comes to life on the big stage. Ben and the actors physicalize the characters and make them come to life before your eyes. You’ll see PJ Masks stances, physical feats and action and adventure from the small screen right before your eyes on the big stage. Then add in the PJ Masks opening title song and tons of original music (we hear the original music is so awesome), dancing and physical acrobatics for big fun on the big stage.
  6. Spoiler alert: Catboy’s favorite part of the show is the last number in the first act. He said, “we get a lot of chances to walk through the audience or tell the audience to get on their feet and dance in the aisles…the palpable energy of the kids comes alive when they are up and dancing too.” He loves seeing the kids in the audience dancing in the aisles right alongside their favorite heroes.
  7. The baddies will be coming to the Big Apple. Even though Luna Girl, Night Ninja an Romeo are villains, Catboy said these baddies enter to thunderous applause (so let’s make sure the heroes do too!).
  8. There are some great surprises in store. The script is unique from the television show because on the show the nighttime superheroes only fight the baddies one at a time. But at PJ Masks Live! they have to fight all three of the baddies all at the same time. There will be an element of surprise and extra excitement in fighting all three.
  9. Three words to describe the show: Super high energy!
  10. Everyone will shout hooray as we go into the night to save the day! The show is very exciting and you will see the PJ Masks do a few things you wouldn’t anticipate. Get ready for some cool tricks and some really awesome dance numbers and a totally terrific time!

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“PJ Masks Live! Time to Be a Hero” will be at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on the following dates and times:

Saturday, October 14, with shows at 10:30am, 2pm, and 5:30pm

Sunday, October 15, with shows at 10:30am, 2pm, and 5:30pm

The hit television series “PJ Masks” follows the thrilling nighttime adventures of three young friends who transform into their dynamic alter egos, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, when they put on their pajamas at night and activate their animal amulets. Together, they embark on action-packed capers, solving mysteries and learning valuable lessons along the way.

Tickets can be bought at ticketmaster.com! They are also be available through Ticketmaster Charge By Phone (1-866-858-0008) and all Ticketmaster Outlets. Tickets are available in person at MSG, Radio City Music Hall and the Beacon Theatre Box Offices.