Photo & Story Sharing App: RealTimes

lclf3t8XdbZxYOuHpGcW6lLDKrN9av4u8Kv2rak_rNEIf you photograph everything your kid does, or tend to record every milestone, chances are that you have issues. Space and organization issues, that is. It’s fun to photograph your kids’ development, but often camera rolls are so stuffed that it can be difficult to go through every file and pick out the best stuff. Forget about sharing or deleting the extras.

RealTimes is an app created to remedy this problem.

Using an algorithm that detects photo duplicates, smiles, and blur, the app picks the best moments on your smartphone and instantly and automatically creates RealTimes Stories that you can save, share, and look back on fondly. Perfect for the camera-loving parent and the busy parent alike, there’s no longer a need to search through 30 sets of 80 near-identical photos to find the gems to send to Grandma.

The videos created are also customizable – after RealTimes makes a Story, you can add in your own music or rearrange clips to give the video that personal touch.

9gLx4HWWwHYNEjSL6H62OkGr10Cfxs_bPJpPJ1m6-vYNot only does RealTimes put together videos for you, but a subscription includes use of the RealCloud, which backs up all of your photos and videos in case of an emergency, and also allows you to see them online. And it doesn’t matter where you watch: The RealPlayer makes it so your Stories will play back at the proper size for any screen.

RealTimes takes the grunt work out of memory making – this summer, you can enjoy your day trip without spending the whole car ride home attached to your phone, deleting blurry photos and struggling to put together slideshows when you have other things to tackle. This app takes the work out of sharing your kids’ experiences with everyone you care about and protecting those memories so they will never be lost.

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