Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

From the Mommy Mitten to your little girl’s very first heels, here are some of the most wacky and unnecessary products on the market. (Parenting)

Common herbal remedies used during pregnancy like cranberry, raspberry leaf, or garlic are actually ineffective. In fact, researchers conclude that ginger is the only useful herbal remedy to ease morning sickness (New York Times)

Hoping to continue the trend of declining incidence of teen pregnancy, the AAP now recommends doctors to talk to teens about sex and emergency contraceptive. But some worry that education about emergency contraceptives and other preventive measures will actually increase sexual activity in teens. (Time)

Historical figures, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Jane Goodall, are featured in these great reads for your kids. Entertainment Weekly lists 10 (mostly) illustrated books ideal for learning and fun. (Entertainment Weekly)

Tips like “baby won’t remember” or “keep it simple” will have you more relaxed this holiday season for another one of your baby’s milestones. She Knows explores why baby’s first Christmas is just overrated and not so significant in the long run. (She Knows)

Educators find that lack of Hispanic characters and images in books creates difficulties for children in growing Latino populations to relate to the stories. (New York Times)

Celebrity Baby Alert: Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady welcomed their second child together this week, a baby girl named Vivian Lake. (LA Times)

Despite ruling for increased spending on education, New York state schools are still falling behind. (New York Times)

A generous young boy turns his birthday party into a Toys for Tots drive for the holiday season. (Fox23)

Despite sleepless nights, shorter tempers, and the general craziness that having a child can bring, researchers have found that couples with kids may live longer and more mentally healthy lives. (CBS News)

New research suggests that children born with the aid of fertility treatments may have a slightly higher chance of developing asthma. Luckily, the condition is highly manageable. (BBC)

Amazon has released a new Kindle app for kids, “Kindle FreeTime Unlimited,” which aims to entertain your children with books, games, and videos—and hopefully helps you regain some free time. (NY Daily News)

The Consumer Product Safety Commission takes action against the maker of the Nap Nanny infant recliner after the death of five babies. (Huffington Post)

Having declared infant care “easy” and returning to work from maternity leave after two weeks, Yahoo CEO and new mother Marisa Meyer has sparked a lively debate. (WUSA9)

This viral video makes running errands with mom cool for even the snarkiest teens. (Today)

Absurd! A look at why children love silly and nonsensical stories as much, if not more, than adults. (Slate)

The couple that works together…could benefit from reading these 8 survival tips for having a successful “24/7 marriage.” (Redbook)

If you’re Angry Birds-crazed, you’re in luck. Rovio has announced plans to launch a full-length feature film of the digital game—you just have to wait until 2016. (USA Today)

Looking for things to do with your kids this holiday season? Here are 10 fun and free ideas. (Examiner)

Research shows that children who have TVs in their bedrooms are significantly more likely to be overweight and at risk for heart disease and diabetes. (TODAY Moms)

A new study finds that the qualities that make individuals good romantic partners also make them good parents. (The Huffington Post)