NYC Parents Can Finally Get A Good Night’s Sleep Thanks To This New Workout Class

A look at the new REM Cycle class at CRUNCH.

For New York City moms and dads on the go, getting a good night’s rest is fundamental, but a challenge. Crunch Gym not only tackles this problem, it does so in a quick, easy, and heart-pumping way that can fit into even the busiest moms lifestyle. Crunch is now offering a class called REM Cycle, which is designed to provide participants with not only a great workout, but also a restful, regenerative sleep.

“REM Cycle is a 30 minute class that is comprised of 4 distinct sections that directly correlate with healthy sleep habits and tips from Beautyrest sleep expert, Dr. Robbins,” explains Brookelyn Suddell, director of group fitness strategy and development at Crunch. Participants begin the class with HIIT exercises designed to build endurance and strength before lowering their heart rates while still working key muscle groups through Pilates in stage 2. Stage 3 includes the power down, which uses yoga inspired moves to focus on breathing and relaxation. Lastly, finish up the class by relaxing and restoring your body with meditation.

So how does all of this help with getting a good nights rest? Each section of the workout class is designed to focus on and improve an aspect of sleep. By sleeping well the night before, you will have more energy to push yourself through the high intensity portion of the class, and the power up Pilates in stage 2 is a great workout to do in the morning to get yourself ready for the rest of the day. Implementing small techniques into your nightly routine like practicing yoga and putting away electronics before bed can lead to a more relaxing night’s rest and ultimately a more productive day and morning workout.

“REM Cycle is unique in that each section actively reminds you of different and interesting healthy sleep habits–that you may otherwise forget about or not pay much attention to,” says Suddell. “It’s also a great way to get a well-rounded full body workout as it includes HIIT, pilates, yoga, and meditation.”

REM Cycle can be especially beneficial to all the tired moms out there who are desperate to get a full night of sleep. The 30-minute class is short enough that it can conveniently fit between work and taking care of the kids.

“You’re in, you sweat, you tone, you stretch, you relax, and you’re out feeling healthy, happy, and fully rejuvenated!” says Suddell.

Best of all, the class is designed to be done on a mattress, and with simple modifications, the whole routine can be done at home.

While working out and being active do ultimately make us feel better, getting out of bed in the morning to go to the gym can seem like the challenge of a lifetime, especially after being up with the kids all night. Crunch hopes to help New York City moms get the sleep they deserve by providing a full-body workout aimed at getting a restful snooze and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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