• Catch This New York MLB Spring Preview

    Whether you root for the Yankees or the Mets, here’s a peek at the busy baseball-filled schedule for the upcoming season!

    By Alex Taylor

    people at baseball field watching

    Spring is almost officially here, which means it’s the season for America’s beloved pastime, baseball! New York City is blessed with two MLB teams to root for (or against, if you swing that way), which will keep your spring schedule pretty much filled to the brim! Here’s a little preview of what’s in store  for the Yankees and Mets!


    The remainder of March is comprised of spring training days, which gives us a sneak peek at what’s to come in the real season. Obviously, you’ll want to see who our team is facing off against and check out the competition before the score factors in. You can catch the Yankees take on the Tigers on March 13; the Pirates on March 15; the Astros on March 16; the Marlins on March 18; the Rays on March 19; the Orioles on March 21; the Red Sox on March 23; and the Blue Jays March 24!

    In case you’re ready for the real deal games, here’s also a look at the first month of the season to see which ones you can plan to attend! The Yankees face the Rays on April 2 and 4; the Orioles April 5-8, the Marlins April 16 and 17, the Blue Jays April 19-22; and the Twins April 23-26!


    March looks similar for the Mets as they finish up their spring training days! They go up against the Astros March 13; the Marlins on March 15; the Orioles on March 16; the Nationals on March 22; the Cardinals on March 23; and the Marlins again on March 25!

    Opening Day for the Mets is on March 29, where they’ll take on the Cardinals from then until April 1! The next month of real season baseball consists of the Phillies April 2-4; the Brewers April 13-15; and the Nationals April 16-18! Get ready for warm spring days spent at Citi Field in your best blue and orange!


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