New York Family Media Wins 14 Awards at National Parenting Media Association Conference


New York Family Media Wins 14 Awards at National Parenting Media Association Conference
Bronze Award: Bronx/Riverdale Family; “January 2021”; Yumi Matsuo, Donna Duarte-Ladd, Leah Mitch

New York Family Media Wins 14 Awards at National Parenting Media Association Conference

At the recent Parenting Media Association (PMA) Design and Editorial Awards, New York Family Media solidified its reputation as the leading media company serving parents and families. The company was recognized for excellence in several categories, receiving 14 awards. The PMA membership includes media companies creating quality content for families from across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

New York Family Media Wins 14 Awards at National Parenting Media Association Conference
Silver Award: New York Family; “Melissa Ben-Ishay: A Sweet Take After a Sour Year”; Cris Pearlstein, writer

New York Family, published by Schneps Media, has made investments and seen tremendous growth of its digital division, including the company website, email newsletters, and social channels. That paid off with being recognized with a first-place Gold Award. 

“We are everywhere parents consume content: in print with a quality glossy magazine, online with a nationally-recognized website, email newsletters, social media channels, webinars on topics relevant to parents and the region’s largest Camp Expos,” said group publisher and COO Clifford Luster.

New York Family Media Wins 14 Awards at National Parenting Media Association Conference
Gold Award: New York Family; “March 2021”; Beatrice S. Hug, Leah Mitch

One of the most coveted recognitions was awarded in the category Company, General Excellence. The entire family of outlets — including New York Family, Brooklyn Family, Bronx/Riverdale Family, Queens Family, and Westchester Family — were also recognized for quality content and front cover designs. Stories related to child development and parenting issues, travel, raising a child with autism, interviews, news features, and the Annual Guide to NYC received awards. 

New York Family Media Wins 14 Awards at National Parenting Media Association Conference
Gold Award: New York Family; “Annual Guide 2021-22”; Beatrice S. Hug, Leah Mitch

The design team’s awards for front cover designs included both illustrated and photography as well as design related to the Parent’s Guide to NYC. 

The New York Family team is led by Executive Editor Donna Duarte Ladd, who won a Gold for her essay in Brooklyn Family. “I am so proud of our team that works hard every day to inform and connect with parents across New York City and Westchester,” said Ladd. “To be recognized across our magazines and website is a great accomplishment we are all proud of.” 

The awards speak to the team’s editorial integrity and its ability to provide reach and relevance, to readers and the businesses that serve their needs. 

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