B2 Events Classes And Activities For Tweens And Parents

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to make pasta or explore the different species of birds in Central Park?  Then check out B2 Events, a Manhattan-based, enrichment-class planning company specializing in events for tweens and the adults who love them.

To learn more, we caught up with Katy Goldman and Allison Zaslow, co-founders of B2 Events.

What prompted you both to start this company?

Katy Goldman: I was with my daughter–we were picking flowers and on vacation–and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to learn the art of flower arranging? Then I said it would be a really fun class to take with Lucy, who was about 8 or 9 at the time.

Photo via facebook.com/b2eventsnyc

Allison Zaslow: I was always planning days to do things with my nieces who don’t live in New York City; [to] really make the day interesting with them. What things can we learn together? Planning those kinds of days. And Katy approached me and said: “What do you think of that idea?”And I said: “I love that idea, because I feel like I’m doing that.”

How would you describe B2 events?

KG: I think that we’re a great resource. I think that we offer something different than what’s out there currently. I think it’s like an original and fresh take on doing things together as a family, doing things with your children, but also something to do jointly as a special date as opposed to just a drop-off. It’s something to really enjoy together.

Who is your core/target audience/client?

KG: Any parent or kids 8-12 or 13, with their parents. We have so many kinds of activities, we feel like we could target anybody. We hope that there’s something out there for everyone, for boys and for girls, for mothers, fathers, and grandparents, and anyone else who would want to learn something with a kid that age.

What has been your most popular class?

KG: Cake decorating is very popular.  We’ve done it twice and we’re doing it a third time. We have a wonderful baker, who’s very talented and great with the kids and the adults. We really learned a lot.

How do you decide what kinds of classes to offer?

KG: We’ve been inspired by what we see in the city, and what our kids are interested in and what their passions are.  There’s so much to do in NYC, so it’s really exciting to plan classes. We also try to plan classes that you can get something out of from just one time. You don’t have to [go] every week, we’re not hosting anything that’s more on-going.

At the end of the 2-3 hours, you’ve really learned something and gotten something that you would not necessarily need to keep going with unless you wanted to.

To learn more, visit b2events.nyc!