New York City Outdoor Pools Closed During Summer 2020, the Fate of Beaches Still Unclear

new york city outdoor pools closed

On Thursday, April 16, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City outdoor pools would remain closed throughout Summer 2020. He said, “The things that would have required spending money now to get ready for the summer, we’re just not doing because we don’t have yet a clear roadmap to how we get to those summer activities.”

The news hardly comes as a surprise in a City desperately battling the coronavirus outbreak. De Blasio has hinted that large public gatherings may remain off-limits until the fall. Still, without the relief of a local swimming pool, families face a long, hot and boring summer.

Will They Be Able to Take Refuge on New York City Beaches?

Long stretches of sand seem to lend themselves more easily to social distancing practices. However, De Blasio said, “Right now we do not have a plan to open the beaches, just like we don’t have a plan to open the pools.”

He stressed the idea that things will not return to normal this summer. With respect to opening the beaches, he said, “I don’t like saying that, but it’s just the blunt truth: It’s not safe.”

While a final decision remains to be made on beaches, Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared to offer some hope at a briefing earlier this week. He argued that, even with New York City pools closed,  the city has a responsibility to offer at least some “summer activities” to its residents. Cuomo said, “You can’t tell people in a dense urban environment all through the summer months, ‘We don’t have anything for you to do.’ There’s a sanity equation here.”

It’s unclear what specifically Cuomo means by “summer activities” and whether these activities will include public beaches. Cuomo also announced that parts of New York state could begin to open as early as May 15, but more densely packed areas, such as New York City, would remain in lockdown longer.

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