• New App For Families: Creatacard

    Blogger & Photographer Jessica Shyba Tries Out The New Creatacard App From American Greetings

    By Felicia Czochanski

    Jessica Shyba and her family

    [Editor’s note, before her cute photos of her son, Theo, and puppy, Beau, went viral online–and before she and her family moved from NYC–Jessica Shyba shot a fantastic photo essay about city living for families for our website — check it out HERE!]

    It is not a surprising occurrence for parents to walk in on their children drawing or scribbling masterpieces for the fun of it. All one needs to do is hand a child a crayon, marker or paintbrush and ten minutes later they will have created something beautiful, that only someone with a child’s imagination will be able to decipher.

    These masterpieces are usually hung up on the fridge or on the wall, thus only seen by a select group of people. American Greetings, the top greeting card brand in the nation, has realized this and designed Creatacard, a new App. that makes it possible for these masterpieces to be shared with loved ones all around the world.

    The new Creatacard App. includes many great features that allow creative children (and parents!) to paint, spray paint, color, stamp and use fun stickers to decorate greeting cards in a personalized way! The App. features those tools in addition to the option of including one’s own photos on the cards. The cards are affordable and available for shipping both nationally and internationally.


    Creatacard in action

    Jessica Shyba, mother of four and mommy blogger (Momma’s Gone City) has also become a spokesperson for American Greetings’ Creatacard. Her children, whose ages range from 6 years to a few months old, love to make their own pictures and let their creativity flow. Shyba told me in an interview “the app. makes it so easy for the kids to keep in touch with their friends in California and with our relatives that live all over. It’s so nice for them to be able to send their own drawings, it makes the message so much more personal.”

    As they are with every family, relationships are a priority for the Shyba’s. Shyba’s third child, Beau’s relationship with their adopted puppy, Theo.

    Entering the family from the Santa Cruz SPCA just 7 weeks young, Theo found an amazing amount of comfort in Shyba’s two year old son, Beau. Theo would wait for Beau to fall asleep during naptime, and then cuddle up next to him and join him. Photos of their naptime love story have been featured in outlets such as popular gossip magazines, on Fox & Friends and Good Morning America.

    Photos of the two during naptime have gone viral all over the Internet, and Shyba’s first book Theo and Beau will be available for purchase starting February 3, 2015.



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