Multiple Musts

ThinkstockPhotos-57567332If you’re expecting twins, here are 10 tips and items to add to your twin to-do list—all from a local mom who has first-hand experience in navigating New York City (and beyond) with twins in tow!

Take a Nap: I love when moms of twins-to-be say: “I’m only 20 weeks pregnant, why am I so tired?” I look at them and answer: “You are aware that you are growing two humans in there, right?” There are no remedies for fatigue; just rest as much as you can, whenever you need to. Embrace and accept that you need the rest and you’ll feel better before you know it

Make Room for the Babies: Clear out some space in the kitchen and bathroom. The little monkeys on the way are not going to need room for just a crib, but space in almost every room in your home. You’ll need kitchen storage for bottles and later spoons, dishes, and sippy cups. The bathroom will need a spot cleared for baby shampoo, a baby tub, and a slew of bath toys.

Get Your Legal Ducks in a Row: This is a must-do for any expectant parent. No one likes to think about it, but preparing a will, life insurance, and perhaps even disability insurance is a necessity for any parent. If you’re looking for a financial adviser, consider Strategies for Wealth, a New York City-based firm who helped my family, and many others I know, arrange life insurance.

Fall in Love Again: With the rate of divorce for parents of multiples being higher than the national average, take a few minutes each day to appreciate your partner or spouse. Finding the best parts of your partner again will give you a chance to reconnect, relax, and fall in love all over again. Having a healthy and strong marriage will help your children in the long run.

Get the Right Wheels: On any given day, you could find yourself rolling over concrete, dirt, cobblestone, grass and more, so having air-filled tires on your stroller can make your day a whole lot better. Air tires provide support and flexibility you can’t get from foam filled or EVA (ethlyne vinyl acetate) tires. Also, if you end up having twins with a size discordance you can adjust the pressure in the tires to make your stroller push straight.

Know Your ‘Hood: Even before your twins get here, it’s good to scope out your local area. Look for playgrounds with one entrance/exit, a gated area around the swings (if there are any), and a nearby bathroom. Finding a park with all these elements is going to be tough but necessary when you have two little ones running in different directions.

It’s in the Bag! When purchasing a diaper bag or even an everyday tote bag, make sure you get one that has a very large stroller strap and very little weight to it when empty. Once your twinnies are walking, it will be vital to have a bag that will be totally hands-free so you can use your hands for your kiddos.

Be Ready for Narrow Spaces: When you travel down the aisles of some local stores, you’ll start seeing that many businesses aren’t really built for your double stroller. I remember taking my kids to a music class when they were 18 months old, only to get there and find out that my double stroller didn’t even fit in the elevator. Just so you know, the American Disabilities Act states that aisles must be 40 inches wide to accommodate a wheelchair in any newly constructed store. Since most double strollers are around 28 inches, you should have plenty of room.

Consider Staying Home: Before your kids even get here, sit down and do some math. Figure out how much you pay for commuting transportation, clothing, eating out, business trips, etc. Deduct that from your yearly salary. Now figure out the cost of a nanny, taxes, benefits, items you wouldn’t have to pay for if you were home, and deduct that from your salary as well. Some parents find that, after all the math is done, the money they’re earning isn’t enough to justify the hectic lifestyle that working parents have to deal with.

Don’t be Shy: NYC has the largest local parents of multiples club in the nation. The Manhattan Twins Club is where I started Twiniversity—an online community for parents in search of information and advice regarding twins. With more than 900 members right here in the Tri-State area, you can get your questions answered, find a friend, and see what other parents are talking about 24 hours a day.

Natalie Diaz is a native New Yorker, mother of twins, and the founder of Twiniversity. She’s also the author of What To Do When You’re Having Two. To learn more about her, visit