Mom-Owned Businesses in New York City

mom-owned businesses

As NYC continues its phased re-opening and we get back to school in the new normal, and as you look for children’s educational activities, enrichment, clothing and accessories, and other resources, check out these phenomenal businesses owned by magnificent mom bosses. 

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Book Nook

Rina Collins opened Book Nook on the Upper West Side in 2012, creating a unique early childhood literacy center where children develop a lifelong love of reading, books, and the wonder of words. Founded by this terrific teacher and mom with 20-years of experience in early childhood, literacy, and elementary education, the curriculum is designed to meet the needs and learning styles of each child. Children feel right at home when they walk into Book Nook and are eager to explore the well-stocked shelves of wall-to-wall books, and the feedback from parents, children, and teachers is that Book Nook makes them happy and they’re always eager to return. 

The Playroom NYC

Super sisters and moms Tali Shustik and Liat Kletz created The Playroom NYC, New York City’s premier children’s play space specializing in unstructured creative play. The 3,000 square foot UES gem is set to reopen on September 8, featuring an indoor climbing structure, dress-up area and stage, play bodega, custom train table, ride on cars, and more — we cannot wait! The Playroom NYC is well known for its clean, safe, and fun environment offering all types of programs including open play, birthday parties, classes, and kid events.

SciTech Kids

Kim Magloire, the founder of SciTech Kids, has a passion and talent for nurturing young minds to learn STEAM. As a mom, she started SciTech Kids for her daughter ten years ago to transform children into budding scientists and engineers using hands-on activities that capture their imagination. Kim said that as an African American woman, her greatest joy has been mentoring children, especially girls and underrepresented groups, in the STEM field. As an epidemiologist and educator, her worlds have come full circle as she pivots her business due to COVID-19. This fall, SciTech Kids is offering learning pods to support families navigate blended learning. Their STEAM lab’s open space is perfect for social distancing and the two outdoor spaces make it feasible to safely hold in-person classes and dining outdoors amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Alexandra Zagami Ng started PiccoliNY in 2011, fulfilling her dream to open a business in the same neighborhood where her grandfather owned a bakery for 60 years. Alexandra’s first design, Hot Dog Pretzel NY, was inspired by Milton Glaser, and it became a big hit. It first appeared at The Feast of San Gennaro in some borrowed space inside Rubirosa‘s Restaurant booth and now they are sold in Macy’s and other local shops like hers around New York. The iconic designs are loved by locals yet also made the store a global destination for tourists, which she is forever grateful for. PiccoliNY represents the world’s favorite city and Alexandra hopes to continue connecting with clients and customers in the digital world.

Pearl Girl Accessories

Pearl Girl Accessories is an adorable accessories brand founded by chic mom Carly Danzig. Based in NYC, Pearl Girl features the coolest and cutest custom sunglasses and accessories that can be instantly personalized by adding a name, initials, or specific design. Pearl Girl plans to feature a new collection of curated styles in addition to the personalization options. Pearl Girl sunglasses are the essential year-round accessory for kids, are great for a vacation, and are the perfect giftable item for friends and family. Plus, they are all UVA and B protected. These sunnies will make you sunny!

String Thing Studio

Felicia Eve is the owner of String Thing Studio, a yarn shop in Park Slope Brooklyn, featuring beautiful yarns and tools at a myriad of price points as well as a beautiful community that has organically grown there. Felicia is a Jane-of-All-Trades, mother of three, and has a background in non-profit fundraising as well as a decade long career as a Podiatric Surgeon. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, you would find knit and crochet nights, after school programs, gatherings in the garden, and more. During the COVIID-19 pandemic, String Thing Studio has pivoted its business to online shopping as well as classes and virtual meetups. The shop is now open for in-person as well as virtual shopping appointments. They would love to see you, either in person or virtually!

Heaven’s Tiny Tots

Heaven’s Tiny Tots is a family run business founded by Tameka Silva in 2013. At one point Tameka was caring for her own son and over twelve kids in her house and realized she was on to something. That’s when she founded Heaven’s Tiny Tots with the mission to provide excellent quality childcare and educational programs to children by providing a safe, caring and nurturing environment. And the rest is history. Fast forward five years later, and Tameka had three commercial spaces and a DOE license, and she says it is a blessing. They have been open for essential workers and the community at-large, operating throughout the entire pandemic. As always, she and her team are helping and giving back to the community, emphasizing their philosophy that we must all do our part to make the world so much better.


Twinkle is a family-owned and operated indoor playspace in Brooklyn created by Vanessa Yee-Chan, a working mother of three young kids, and her entrepreneur father Victor John. Twinkle’s 4,500 square foot play space has innovative custom-made exhibits to cater to any child’s wildest imagination like climbing an indoor life-size tree, becoming the fire chief of the Red Hot Fire House, and going on a mythical adventure with their four 15-foot tall dragons. Twinkle specializes in themed birthday parties and open play for toddlers and preschoolers. Now more than ever it is a treat to experience the unique and innovative world of Twinkle that will enhance a child’s overall well-being through interactive play and allows their imagination to shine bright.

Owl Tree Kids

After 20 years in fashion retail, Molly Epstein, Owl Tree Kids founder & CEO and mom to three girls, was constantly watching beautiful clothes get outgrown at practically lightning speed. It felt like a huge, unnecessary waste, both economically and environmentally. That’s when Owl Tree Kids was born, created to be a destination for lightly used or like-new boy’s and girl’s clothing and accessories, as well as maternity wear. They’ve done the hard work of cleaning, sorting, and curating our products into the shopping experience you’ve always wished for from secondhand apparel. She loved building this sustainable fashion brand that focuses on curation and providing great deals to parents in a clean, elevated store, and online environment. 

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DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

Kristen Tomlan is the Founder and CEO of DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections, the world’s first edible cookie dough confectionery. Her unique take on the formerly forbidden treat is a viral success and has inspired millions of customers worldwide to eat cookie dough just how they crave it — straight from the mixing bowl. Her flagship shop in New York City garners hour-long lines and has captured the attention of leading outlets. Her brand has grown to include multiple retail outlets & pop-ups, an e-commerce business, and more. Her first cookbook, Hello, Cookie Dough: 110 Doughlicious Confections to Eat, Bake, and Share was released in October of 2019. Kristen currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband, Chris, newborn, Edie, and rescue pup, Nelly.

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