9 Mom-Invented Products for Children That Will Ease Your Life

mom-invented products
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Moms need to be inventors just to survive. From changing a diaper of an active two-year-old to making your child eat their veggies, moms have to find creative ways to educate and raise their children. From the infant stage to big-kid territory, moms know best what kids need, and when they can’t find the right products, they go ahead and invent them themselves. Mom inventions make life easier both for the children and for the parents.

Marion Donovan is the perfect example of a mompreneur from the fifties when she invented the reusable diaper. Donovan quit her job at Vogue to become a full-time mom. She got frustrated by the way cloth diapers would leak and create diaper rash, so she found a way to stop the leak problem by making reusable diapers out of surplus nylon parachute cloth, which she kept together with plastic snaps instead of safety pins. Basically, Donovan created the prototype of the modern diaper we use today!

When the right products just couldn’t be found, mom inventions are born! Here is a list of 9 genius mom-invented products for children that can ease your life.

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9 Mom-Invented Products for Children