MamaVa Nursing Pods Come To NYC-Area Airports

Seventh Generation Mamava Pod_Newark AirportSeventh Generation is proud to announce its sponsorship in the installation of nursing pods for breastfeeding mothers in several local New York airports from now (they were installed this month in honor of Mother’s Day) until October 2015.

Created by MamaVa, a leader in providing breastfeeding solutions for busy mothers, the nursing pods consist of a closed, private room equipped with comfortable benches and electrical outlets perfect for pumping. Seventh Generation is eager to meet the demands of busy working or traveling mothers that still want to continue breastfeeding their child all while maintaining a busy schedule.

“Until now women have had to pump milk in the bathroom, or nurse in hectic airport environments,” states Sascha Mayer, founder of MamaVa. “We believe that all mamas deserve a safe, clean and comfortable place to use a breast pump or breastfeed—anywhere, anytime. MamaVa pods answer that need and we’re thrilled they will now appear in NY metro area locations where women can easily use them.”

The 4-ft x 8-ft pods nursing pods, which are manufactured by MamaVa, are designed to give new mothers both the privacy and convenience required for breastfeeding while on the go. There will be four locations overall, including: One pod in JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK Airport, on station at LaGuardia Airport, and two pods at Newark International Airport.

Additionally, nursing moms can use the Mamava app for iPhone to help them find breastfeeding and pumping friendly locations, including every publicly placed MamaVa and mama-submitted locations. The Android app will be launching this summer.

To learn more, visit mamava.com!