Maeve in Capri Debut Collection: Italian Inspired and Brooklyn Made

Maeve in Capri Debut Collection: Italian Inspired and Brooklyn Made

Maeve in Capri Debut Collection: Italian Inspired and Brooklyn Made

A global pandemic was not in anyone’s business plan, including Danila Davidson, founder of the new Maeve in Capri collection, and mom of four little ones. This amazing mama birthed a stylish and chic hair accessories collection and a pandemic baby in the midst of these crazy times and is a shining star to mothers and business owners. 

Danila is proud to debut Maeve in Capri, her bold and beautiful collection of turbans for women and girls. We love that every Maeve in Capri turban is crafted by hand in the heart of Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and made from sustainable fabrics. We also love the mommy and me styles and that these turbans work effortlessly with all hair textures and lengths. They are thoughtfully designed to become an essential piece in a woman’s and her minis’ wardrobe, making the perfect accessory to elevate any look.

This former lady in tech and entrepreneur at heart, turned chief mama officer and content creator, is bringing joy through this collection to leading ladies, moms, and their minis. Unable to travel to Italy for a few years due to the pandemic, Danila used fabrics, colors, textures and lots of imagination, to bring her Italian dream to life. Danila said, “Growing up in Naples, I was only a short ferry ride from Capri and Positano…I had a wonderful, simple childhood, filled with never-ending summers spent at the beach with family and friends, which I’m incredibly grateful for.”  These are the memories she’ll cherish forever and those that inspired her to start Maeve in Capri. 

Danila’s obsession with the never-ending Mediterranean summers and Italy’s breathtaking views, inspired this first collection together with the island of Capri where Danila made unforgettable memories growing up. Danila said, “Maeve in Capri was born out of my love for Italy (its traditions, colors, summers, culture, food), driven by nostalgia, and as a way to celebrate my roots, and reminisce over the magic of my childhood and teenage years spent in the “Bel Paese”.  Ultimately my wish is to uplift others by sharing this nostalgia driven dream of beauty and greatness through my love for fashion accessories, bright colors, bold statement pieces, and obsession with my beautiful homeland, its breathtaking nature & views, wonderful people and, of course, pastas!”

Danila moved to NY in 2014 while pregnant with her first child and the rest is history. She wears many different hats but being a mom is her absolute favorite role and her four kids (including her pandemic baby born in September 2020) are her biggest pride and a daily source of inspiration and pure joy.  She added, “I’m a proud mom to four little ones that keep me busy and always learning…I love NY, its energy, and wonderful people, and I’m living *my best life*  while raising young children in the most beautiful city in the world, together with my husband, Ron.” 

Small business owners can learn from Danila’s bravery, boldness, and dedication to her business venture. Her COVID pivot led to this collection filled with heart and haute. Danila said that the launch of the collection would not have been possible without the support of other women, mothers, and business owners. She can’t wait to take you (back) to Italy with her pieces and you can  experience the “dolce vita” and shop the collection at

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