Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Crafts

If you’re anything like me, holidays have a tendency to sneak up on you. Yesterday, I realized Valentine’s Day is today, and suddenly wanted to do something fun to celebrate with my son. But I hadn’t really done much to prepare…oops! I know I am going to make some heart-shaped pancakes this morning (I’m not such a forgetful mom), but it would be fun to decorate our house with some signature mom-and-son projects. Luckily, the Internet is overflowing with fun craft ideas we can do at home using simple supplies we already have. Here are five cute ideas I found that even the most craft-challenged parent can tackle!

Trace-your-hand Valentine’s Day card
Supplies: Construction paper, crayons and/or markers, scissors.
Kids loves tracing their hands and in honor of Valentine’s Day, why not turn the finished project into a card like this mom did (pictured above)? After cutting out their handprint, write a message on it for the intended recipient (i.e. “I Love You Daddy!”). Put it in an envelope, or simply hang it on the window or fridge. You can also add some extra bling by gluing on glitter, pom-poms, beads, or other supplies.

A heart garden
Supplies: Construction paper, scissors, crayons, drinking straws, tape, dried beans, plastic drinking cup.
I like this idea of making a bouquet of paper hearts to decorate your home on Valentine’s Day. Mom or Dad can cut out heart shapes in various sizes, which kids can then color with crayons. After, have your tot help you tape the paper hearts to the tops of the straws, which are then plopped in a cup. Weigh the cup down with beans or other heavy objects to keep it from toppling over.

Carrot stick heart painting
Supplies: Paper plate, paint, carrot, ribbon, tape.
By carving out a heart shape on the end of a carrot stick, kids have a homemade stamp with which to create a Valentine’s Day masterpiece. Your child can simply dip the “stamp” in paint, then press it onto a paper plate to make heart shapes. (Carving out the heart shape looks a little tricky, but still doable!) When your child is finished, tape a loop of ribbon to the back of the plate so the Valentine can be hung on display.

Yarn valentine
Supplies: Paper, scissors, glue, yarn.
This whimsical Valentine is a lot of fun for kids to make. Simply cut a large heart shape out of construction paper. Then, gather lots of different colored bits of yarn in different lengths. Cover the heart-shaped paper in glue, and have your child stick the yarn to the Valentine for a delightfully colorful result!

Heart fish
Supplies: Construction paper, scissors, googly eye.
Tots love making animal crafts. Here’s a fish you can make out of four different size hearts: cut out one big heart for the fish body, two medium sized ones for the fin and tail, and a small one for the lips. Have your child glue them together (see picture) and then add a googly eye for the final effect!