3 Whimsical Springtime Recipes For Kids

This spring, we want children to play with their food! Making food art isn’t just about tapping into your creative side; it’s also about promoting self-esteem and confidence as kids take an active role in preparing meals (or snacks) that they love. Plus, they can brush up on math by measuring ingredients, learn about colors by mixing food coloring, and improve comprehension skills by reading recipes.


Petite Jello Watermelons

Victoria Belanger is the blogger behind The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn. She creates craft Jello molds in unexpected flavors and artistic presentations. This summery, fruity recipe is excerpted from her new book, Hello, Jell-O! 50+ Inventive Recipes for Gelatin Treats and Jiggly Sweets (Ten Speed Press, 2012).

Make Petite Jello Watermelons



Rainbow Cookies

Ken Leung’s food journal and blog, Hungry Rabbit, features sweet and savory treats that he cooks up in his New York City kitchen. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Leung’s early cooking education came from observing the daily happenings in his family kitchen. Don’t the colors in these cookies just scream “warm weather cheer”?

Make Rainbow Cookies



Sweetie Pie Pie Pops

Lauryn Cohen is the founder of Bella Baker, a made-to-order, customizable dessert company here in New York. Her blog features adorable and inventive desserts that anyone with a sweet tooth can re-create at home. These lovely heart-themed pie pops would make a delicious Mother’s Day surprise…or anytime snack.

Make Sweetie Pie Pie Pops



Photo credit, from top to bottom: Angie Cao, Ken Leung, Lauryn Cohen