Kid Made Modern Launches A New Home Line For Kids

child's bedroom with whimsical forest decor

Every kid wants to grow up and become someone special. Some kids want to be astronauts and sailors; others dream of being world travelers or fashion designers. For kids, dreams are limitless: They don’t require a certain gender, age or race. Built on the same ideas of inclusiveness and gender-neutrality, Kid Made Modern made its name by creating products that inspire kids to express themselves in every possible way.

Founded in 2012 by Todd Oldham, Kid Made Modern has long offered a variety of art supplies, apparel, and accessories for kids who are not afraid to create something new and make bold fashion choices. Now, to give kids more room to explore and express, the company is launching its first-ever home line, featuring pillows, quilts, rugs, wall decals, and sheets that will make every child and parent say: “I need that!”

Kid Made Modern was born out of Oldham’s own childhood, creative director Danielle Kurtz says. She adds that “[Oldham] had constant access to art supplies, and that inspired his whole life.” Ever since its creation, Oldham has been heavily involved with Kid Made Modern’s aesthetic and creative vision. “It’s inspired by his love of patterns and bold colors and playful designs,” she says.

All the products Kid Made Modern represents are made in Todd Oldham’s personal studio under the creative supervision of the designer himself or the company’s in-house illustrator Patrick Ruby. “We think about the ways that kids can express themselves,” Kurtz says. “Arts and crafts projects is a great way. Another way is through what [kids] choose to wear. The third way that we saw was through the space that [kids] create for themselves in their own bedroom.”

“Everything that we create is gender-neutral and unisex, from our craft kits to our apparel and to home line,” Kurtz adds. “We want to make sure that kids don’t feel limited by gender or anything else.”

This is why Kid Made Modern’s new home collection is full of the patterns and designs that any kid can appreciate. Among the line’s carefully made quilts, sheets and pillows, kids will find forest animals and ocean creatures, space motifs, and various geometrical figures. Bright colors and bold shapes make all the designs unique, and they can be mixed and matched with other patterns to give every kid the opportunity to create their perfect room.

quilt with forest animal scene sewed on the frontAccording to Kurtz, Kid Made Modern is now working to launch an additional apparel of mixed and matched knits and to expand its textile and home collection. “We are going to keep growing in those main areas as well as looking for different collaborations,” Kurtz says. “We also have an exclusive line at Target that we will continue to grow, including our Hand Made Modern line.”

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