Janie and Jack Debuts Father-Son Swim Collection for Father’s Day

Daddy & me fashion for Father’s Day!

Every son looks up to their dad as a role model and even a superhero at times. A dad is the Mr. Incredible to his son’s Dash, the Pooh to his son’s Piglet or the Iron Man to his son’s Spiderman in the latest Avengers movies. Yet at the same time, fathers and sons have this unique connection that, amidst the role model dynamic, there is also a strong sense of friendship. A son is the Meredith Grey to his dad’s Cristina Yang, the Mike Wazowski to his dad’s Sulley, or the Joey Tribbiani to his dad’s Chandler Bing. Both the role model and friendship aspects of the father-son relationship make their bond special, and Janie and Jack knows just how special.

Father holds two sons who are all wearing the same swim trunks.
Father and sons rock the Reyn Spooner Tahitian Gardenia Swim Trunks!

Janie and Jack just released a clothing line that physically represents the father-son bond and allows fathers and sons all over to do so as well. The swim collection, Like Father, Like Son, is just in time for Father’s Day, so head to your nearest store or browse online to find the perfect, matching set! With New York City’s beaches now open and the outdoor pools opening their doors soon, Janie and Jack’s swim collection captures all of the father-son bonding moments: teaching your son how to swim, having epic splash contests, helping your son build his sand castle and surrounding moat and even just spraying off your son’s little, sandy feet with water as you leave the beach and head to the boardwalk. And mom will surely love the matching look for her Instagram family photoshoot.

The Striped Swim Trunks really capture this cute father-son relationship!

Like Father, Like Son features a variety of colors and patterns, including perfect stripes, floral prints, blue-grey hues and iconic heritage prints from Reyn Spooner that incorporate botanical and palm styles. Mom might recognize her favorite Hibiscus flowers in the bright, teal-colored Hibiscus Swim Trunk. But don’t worry dads, it’s a masculine floral design, and you’ll fit right in with the summer vibe. The Palm Swim Trunk will transport you and your son to island time with a trendy flare of blue and navy coloring, rather than the typical green palm trees. If you really want to make a statement of style at your local pool or beach trip with other families, flaunt the Reyn Spooner Kipuka Swim Trunk. With its pop of red and the intricate, white leaf designs, you will definitely stand out as the father-son iconic duo. Along with these three, eccentric patterns, Janie and Jack knows that you can never go wrong with a class stripe, so they’ve graciously designed the Striped Swim Trunk for all of the dads out there who want to keep it classic (or just really love stripes).

Hibiscus Swim Trunk
Palm Swim Trunk
Reyn Spooner Kipuka Swim Trunk
Striped Swim Trunk

Sizes range from 2T-16 for boys and S-XL for men. All boys swim is $38 and mens is $68. Janie and Jack, with Like Father, Like Son, creates Daddy & Me Fashion that is not only stylish and catered for summer, but the collection provides fathers and sons with an outlet to express themselves and their strong bond. Fashion is more than simply a superficial concern; here, fashion is confidence, representation, and love (But of course it doesn’t hurt if the clothes have trendy patterns and designs!). Check out Janie and Jack’s Like Father, Like Son swim collection today to prepare for a father-son, Mr. Incredible and Dash, and Mike Wazowski and Sulley summer together!