It’s My Party: August 2016


Blake Stern turns 2 at My Gym Upper East 60th.
1. The b-day girl has a blast playing in the ball pit. 2. Blake and her family pose with her adorable Minnie Mouse-themed cake. 3. Blake shares a hug with Minnie herself! Photos by Heidi Green Photography, (


Harry Green turns 7 with Simply Sports at Wagner Middle School.
1. Harry and friends indulge their competitive sides with a game of flag football. 2. Guests celebrated the birthday boy with a cool football-themed cake. 3. Harry and his family are all smiles before the birthday boy blows out his candles. Photos by Heidi Green Photography, (


Rose Green turns 7 at Uno Chicago Grill.
1. Rose and friends play chef during the party, where they made their own pizzas! 2. The birthday girl bonds with Ariel (played by Dave’s Cast of Characters). 3. Guests snack on super-sweet mermaid cookies. Photos by Heidi Green Photography, (