UES Full-Day STEM Preschool Registration Now Open

Iken Science Academy, a STEM-focused full-day preschool opening on the Upper East Side, is now accepting registrations for the 2015-2016 school year.

Iken Science Academy, the first of its kind in New York City according to founder Monica Iken-Murphy, encourages kids ages 3-5 to tap into their innate curiosity about the world and learn through a science and technology-based curriculum in an interactive setting. 

The design of the year-round progressive preschool, opening this June, reflects an innovative approach to early childhood education, says Iken-Murphy. The collaborative space features smart boards, light boards, and an interactive science lab in which kids can design their own experiments. The space is constructed to evolve as technology evolves, a concept that Iken-Murphy says is integral to implement the customized STEM curriculum.

STEM.org founder Andrew Raupp developed the school’s curriculum. It will expose kids to topics such as fashion engineering and design, STEM sports, and mobile software skills.

The school will provide an 8am-3pm program for up to 40 kids, with early drop-off and late pick-up options. Iken-Murphy, a former elementary school teacher, hopes that the school will not only inspire kids’ imaginations, but will serve as a blueprint for future full-day STEM programs in the city.

Iken-Murphy helped to develop the 9/11 Memorial and National September 11 Memorial Museum after her husband, Michael Iken, was killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center. She says that project inspired her to build the school as a legacy for her children. “We went from nothing and created this world class memorial and museum,” she says. “It shows that you can do a lot with a little as long as you have the resolve to believe in yourself.” Iken-Murphy dedicated Iken Science Academy to the memory of her husband and all the victims of 9/11.

Registration is now open for the school.

Above photo: Iken Science Academy aims to instill a life long passion for scientific discovery and exploration.