Visit the Humming Puppy in New York: An Awesome Yoga Studio

humming-puppy-new-york.jpgThe Studio

Right in the heart of New York, you’ll find Humming Puppy, a yoga studio offering both mindful and comfortable classes in a blissful 80-degree room. Founded in the spring of 2018, this unique studio encompasses the art of intentionality. The experience doesn’t begin and end with class time. As soon as you walk in, you feel relaxed. The lobby is open and bright with natural sunshine pouring through the enormous windows. Hot and delicious tea is available to sip before and after class, and lounging is encouraged by the super-friendly staff.

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The Hum

When you walk into one of Humming Puppy’s classes, which is held in a soothing dark studio, you’ll first notice the ‘hum’ which is intentional as the yoga space or ‘shala’. Engineered by ARUP (one of the worlds leading acoustic engineers), the Hum is injected with a combination of frequencies to enhance and deepen the yogi’s experience. Humming Puppy believes that these frequencies help ‘ground’ you through your practice. When you do a class at Humming Puppy — it will also include the vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls. If you have never heard the sound of a Himalayan singing bowl, it is a sound that vibrates not only through the room, but (if you allow yourself to) will connect you to the energy of a humming vibration.


Humming Puppy feels like an uplifting experience each time you visit, which is ideal when it comes to being stress-free and releasing stress and being present. This space allows the visitor to let go, take in the experience, and deepen the moment.

At Humming Puppy, classes are limited to 40 mats, so each yogi can get individual attention from teachers and have space to move. They don’t pack yogis in like sardines! Mats are provided for all users, so you don’t need to schlep your mat across the city, and high-quality toiletries (including little helpful touches like dry shampoo and spa products) are provided in the gorgeous changing rooms.

For more on Humming Puppy, visit hummingpuppy.com