How to Do a Virtual Baby Shower During COVID-19

Virtual Baby Shower

How to Do a Virtual Baby Shower

Having a baby shower was my favorite moment when I was pregnant. All my close friends gathered at home to celebrate motherhood. We had a great afternoon full of joy, games, and presents, of course. Unfortunately, with the COVID- 19 outbreak and all the precautionary measures, it is impossible to gather in big groups physically. Luckily, we can still celebrate virtually, and it’s getting easier every day with the technology available. Virtual or online baby showers started in 2000 when parents wanted to share this important moment with friends and family across the country and used Skype instead of organizing super expensive trips. Now, these celebrations are once again popular which is why we rounded up some useful tips to help you organize a virtual baby shower!

Pro Tip: And if you are one of these super-organized moms (like me) you can start with preparing your baby shower presentation first! This cute template allows you to create the outline for the event, build an agenda, write down instructions for the games, import photos, as well as customizable backgrounds, fonds, and graphics.

Choose a Platform

As for any party, you’ll need the best possible space for the virtual baby shower. There are lots of options, but the most popular video services are Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook and Google Meet. When deciding which video service to use, make sure that your guests can get on it — consider the technicalities and the equipment needed.

Pro Tip: You don’t even need in-person decor thanks to Zoom’s virtual backgrounds! However, if you have a free account, Zoom will limit your meetings to 40 minutes. 

Facebook, on the other hand, allows all the guests on the video call to select from a variety of filters which can be tons of fun for your party ambiance.

Send Invitations

I love the invitations! They set the mood for the party and mark the count down! Get creative at this step, think of a nice text for the invite and customize the background so that it matches your party theme if you have one. Gather guest’s emails and use an online invite company like Evite or Paperless Post

Online Multiplayer Games

Ask guests to share screens and show their own baby photos. Or make a baby pool, using Google Sheets, you can create a pool where people can enter the date they think the baby will be born. You can also come up with questions for baby trivia and use the chat function for people to answer and win prizes. Make your guests share their favorite vacation spots from their childhood along with any funny photos and videos that come with it. The whole point is to share stories and have fun!

Pro Tip: If you are out of ideas, don’t worry! has you covered. They offer party scripts that will leave you and your guests oohing and ahhing at the adorable baby-animal inspired graphics and games.

Online Gift Cards for the Winners

Online gift cards are an easy solution in case you need raffle or game prizes. Also, big online retailers have gift sections on their websites that allow you to send digital gift cards with endless options. Of course, you could also follow up with the winners, or all guests for that matter, and send them custom gifts. 

The Presents!

The easiest part! You could have your guests pre-send all gifts to the parents-to-be! Here are some thoughtful ideas for your baby shower gift list:

Baby First Year Journal

Baby First Year is a place to record baby memories for the first year of life. Document month by month memories, photos and milestones including the first steps, first words, first tooth, first haircut, first birthday and many more important moments! This will become a cherished keepsake for down the road.

Bump Pregnancy Journal

This gift is appropriate if you decide to have your baby shower early in your pregnancy. Bump is a pregnancy journal bound in natural linen with a gold embossed title — a great item to record a pregnancy journey.

Ring Around Clutching Toy

Let the bright colors of the rainbow entertain your child as they shake this clutching toy ring around the house. It is made of all-natural components like sturdy beech and maple wood, and colored with non-toxic water-based stains.

Horse Bluey

Bluey the horse comes galloping along! On his back, dolls can ride around the children’s room. This toy is appropriate for bigger children age 8+ months as they can pull it along behind them, even if they are still at the crawling stage. Padded body, mane and tail made from chenille, feet made from corduroy.

High Contrast Flash Cards

These double-sided flashcards that are suitable for the smallest infants ages 0 months and up, who can only see high contrast colors and distinct contours. Simple, clear patterns, adjusted to the visual perception of young infants, engage baby’s attention and support visual development. Each set includes a parent guide prepared by a child psychologist explaining the importance of encouraging brain development at an early stage.

And remember, as long as you, your friends and family have internet and a device with a webcam, then a virtual baby shower is possible!