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Twin Parks Montessori Schools

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About Us

TwIn Parks Montessori Schools nurtures a child’s natural tendency to learn.  Our three campuses on the Upper West Side of Manhattan serve children from 3 months to 5 years of age.  We are called Twin Parks because each of our campuses are across from Central Park or Riverside Park.  Being close to nature is just one of many things that make Twin Parks a wonderful school.  Twin Parks is well known for its warm stimulating environment, joyful, active, independent learners, and welcoming community.  At Twin Parks, each child is regarded with profound respect and care. Our nurturing teachers foster a beautiful learning environment designed to help each child reach their full potential.  

All of our students, even our youngest children, have enriched experiences in math, language, science, cultural arts, music, art and movement.  The Montessori approach is internationally renowned for the development of each child’s creativity, individual resourcefulness, and potential.

All of our classrooms share a deep commitment to the Montessori Method and at each level our program is carefully constructed around the developmental stages of the child.

The Montessori curriculum varies at the levels of our school, but the goals are consistent throughout the programs:

- To partner with parents in the education of their children

- To foster a love and joy of learning

- To help children develop a positive self-image 

- To foster open minds, compassion, and respect for others

- To develop independence and confidence.

- To instill in each child a sense of responsibility for the world in which we live

- To maintain the highest standards for a safe and clean program.