Home Cooking With Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck in one of the videos from his new Online Cooking School.. Photo by Carin Krasner

Looking to spice up your family meal routine, learn some new skills in the kitchen, and get the whole family excited about cooking healthy and delicious food? Wolfgang Puck is here to help!

To many, Puck’s name is synonymous with the upper echelon of the food and cooking world. Known for his mastery of classic techniques and for iconic restaurants like Spago, as well as for his frequent appearances on culinary TV shows, Puck (who’s also a dad-of-four) recently launched Wolfgang Puck’s Online Cooking School as way for at-home chefs to learn proper techniques and yummy new recipes—all from the comfort and convenience of their home computer, tablet, or smart phone.

“I used to write cookbooks—from 1981, when my first one came out, until now. I think we are in a different age now and people get a lot of information and a lot of their learning from the iPad or iPhone or any device like that,” Puck explains. “Now, online, you can have me in your kitchen, in your home, whenever you want to.”

The Online Cooking School is a comprehensive online collection of instructional recipe-lessons, how-to techniques, and always engaging video cooking courses presented via video (with Puck himself cooking in each one). The idea being that the viewer can learn specific cooking skills as well as recipe follow-through, so that the skills can be applied to meals beyond just the one demonstrated in a given video.

“From simply cutting an onion the right way, or peeling a tomato or poaching an egg—you learn the basic techniques. At the end, people learn the technique but they also arrive at a delicious recipe,” Puck says. “So if you learn about a poached egg, you end up, maybe, with an eggs Benedictine. If you learn about sautéing, you might make a chicken scaloppini with Marsala and mushrooms. You always get the lesson but you also end up with great food and delicious food.”

One of the best parts about the Online Cooking School is that in makes for a great activity for parents and kids to do together and is also chock full of quick and easy recipes (thinks tons of options for 30-minute meals) that are perfect for busy families. “Kids love cooking, too. I know my kids like it but so many other kids like it too because of all these television shows,” Puck notes. “Now, the parents can watch [the cooking videos], and they can learn and do something and cook something together with the kids in their own home kitchen, at their own pace—whether it’s on an iPad, an iPhone, or on a computer.”

A screenshot of the Wolfgang Puck Online Cooking School on the iPhone 6

Plus, bringing kids into the cooking process is a great way to instill an appreciation for food and for nutrition. “I think [nutrition] is one of the most important things—you hear all the time how many kids are diabetic, how many kids are not eating right,” Pucks says. “This is really a problem in America—we are a civilized, rich country, but we don’t eat right. Why? Because we don’t take the time to know how to cook anymore.”

The Wolfgang Puck Online Cooking School offers two different membership packages: A Monthly Package at $9.95/month and an Annual Membership Package at $99.50/year. All memberships in the Wolfgang Puck Online Cooking School include unlimited access to recipes and videos, weekly cooking courses, an existing library of courses, a recipe box and meal planner, and more.

Right now, the Wolfgang Puck Online Cooking School is currently offering a free 14-Day Trial Membership—visit WolfgangPuckCookingSchool.com to learn more!