Happy 25th Anniversary to STOMP!

promotional photo for the stage show STOMP

STOMP” is “a unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy” and is a riveting and rocking show for the whole family. Today marks the 25th anniversary of “STOMP” in the U.S. and to mark this milestone, a mayoral proclamation will declare February 27 “’STOMP’ Day” in the City of New York. The show is also inviting fans all over the world to record a 10-second “STOMP”-style video for the chance to be part of its global video celebration (more details can be found here).

“STOMP” is unique and endlessly entertaining for kids of all ages. My little ones loved it from start to finish, especially the interactive hand clapping sequences (their favorite part), comedic elements (they went bananas over a banana), and amazing entertainment from the sounds of the stage. Every day and usual objects (think matchbox, brooms, garbage cans) are used in unusual ways to become musical instruments. It shows you can make music with anything—even the kitchen sink (literally)!

We were wowed to learn that “STOMP’s” New York company has used the following quantities of the props below over 25 years:

39,000 Brooms
374,400 Liters of Water
2,600 Gallons of Floor Paint
13,000 Wooden Poles
52,000 Newspapers
26,000 Pounds of Sand
13,000 Garbage Can Lids
5,200 Hammer Handles
6,500 Blocks of Chalk
6,500 Rolls of Gaff Tape
7,800 Ace Bandages
15,600 Boxes of Matches
1,300 Pedal Garbage cans
13,000 Medical shoe covers
9,100 Garbage Cans
26,000 Drum Sticks
5,200 Boxes of Tissues
3,900 Ball Point Pens

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We highly recommend the Rhythm & Sounds Zone seats since you could feel the rhythm and beats of the music (literally and figuratively). The kids were surprised that brooms could make such loud sounds, the actors were allowed to climb walls and hit everything with drum sticks, and garbage cans became their new, favorite musical instrument. My little ones clapped their hands, tapped their feet, danced along, and smiled the whole time. That speaks volumes for this show with no dialogue. The magic is in the making of music in unconventional ways.

Even after the show we continue to experiment with musical means from the show as well as new ones. It inspires everyone to think and innovate with what is at your fingertips and allows you to transform ordinary things into extraordinary tools. Thanks to Stomp our new favorite way to entertain friends and family is for the little ones to put on their own rendition of Stomp. I am not sure if it will have a 25 year run but it is memorable and brings us back to the incredible original production.

“STOMP,” the international sensation and iconic New York theatrical landmark, opened at The Orpheum Theatre in 1994 and will be celebrating its silver anniversary all year. Created by Britons Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, STOMP has become a theatrical phenomenon and a must-see for tourists and locals alike. Over three million people have seen STOMP at its 347-seat home in The Orpheum Theatre. In addition to the flagship New York production, “STOMP” continues to tour North America and worldwide.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.com or at the box office. For groups of 10+, please call 855-203-9980.