Halway through summer

The summer is half gone and it never fails to amaze me how fast the weeks fly. Winter never moves that fast. Right?

Your kids may still be away at camp or more than halfway through their day camp season. My daughter is a director of a popular day camp that’s all outdoors and these last weeks have been a nightmare for them coping with the rain issues, especially at dismissal time when they are struggling to get the kids on the right buses.

Along with the Fourth of July week, many families take the end of August for vacation when the camps close and just before school begins. It’s been pretty nice locally, except for the recent rainy days, and there have been some really exquisite beach days. We’ve been to the beach quite a lot and even had some great meals on the Brooklyn Brighton Beach Boardwalk on some balmy evenings. Wonderful Russian food! Friday nights they have fireworks at The Cyclones in Coney Island and you can see them nicely too in Brighton. Going to a game at The Brooklyn Cyclones is a great event for families. Affordable and scaled down to be a perfect family outing, the F train takes you right there.

Minor league baseball is hardly minor.

I’ve been very impressed with the renovations to the Boardwalk at The Rockaways. The NYC Ferries can take you there from many locations around the boroughs and they’re lots of fun! It’s a very popular destination this summer, and impressively from my point of view they have closed a small section for the nesting of some very small but endangered birds called Piping Plovers. Their chicks are apparently the size of cotton balls. Isn’t that adorable?

However you and your family spend the end of summer, I sincerely hope it’s a safe and happy one.

Make the most of the still long days and all the outdoor activities that go with it. Tennis anyone?

Thanks for reading.

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