15 Spooky Treats And Pumpkin Recipes For Halloween And Beyond

When I was growing up, the smells of Halloween were synonymous with the smells of pumpkin goodies–namely my mom’s famous pies  or my dad’s roasted seeds after my siblings and I finished carving our jack-o-lanterns. Even today, the sweet, spicy scent of anything pumpkin brings back memories of spooky witch costumes, howling ghosts decorations, and my brother’s morbid goblin mask (eek!).

So, in honor of Halloween, it’s with a blend of holiday excitement and happy nostalgia that we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pumpkin recipes, plus a few other creepy treats sprinkled in. With everything from pumpkin fudge and graveyard cupcakes to nutritious dips and other updated classics, these treats will make this season extra fun for the family–and maybe even inspire some new traditions. Boo appetit!

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