Halloween Face Paint By Face Art by Melissa

When it comes to a creative costume, awesome face paint can make all the difference. Check out these great tips and trendy designs by Face Art by Melissa for some great tips for at-home face painting.

Click through the slide show below to see trendy Fact Paint Designs for 2014 (photos by Darya Golubina for Classic Kids Photography)!

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Tips For Fierce Halloween Face Paint:

1) Always use FDA compliant water based makeup.

2) Always use cosmetic grade glitter—craft glitter has metal in it and can damage eyes.

3) Use your arm as a palette to make sure you have the right balance of water and makeup before applying it on the face—if it’s too wet, the makeup will run.

4) Use a good brush—as in, all the bristles are pointing politely in the same direction—to paint line-work.

5) If you’re overwhelmed, don’t fret. Face Art by Melissa makes house-calls!


Melissa Munn is the owner of Face Art by Melissa. To learn more, visit faceartbymelissa.com!