Our Top 5 Picks For A Frighteningly Festive Halloween Costume Ideas And Accessories

Gone are the days of ill-fitting, mass-produced Halloween costumes. Your watchwords for costume shopping are: quirky, crafty, and imaginative. Instead of buying a new, ready-made costume each year, opt for bits and pieces that have more staying power (this year’s superhero can be next year’s space alien). These picks have endless DIY potential, and kids will love creating their own costumes to fit unique characters that you won’t see at every costume party. The accessories provide endless fun for pretend play all year ‘round, and once they’ve run their course for one child, they’re ideal hand-me-downs for siblings, cousins, and friends.

1. For the Speed Demon
The Baghera Racing Hat and Goggles are an absolutely adorable pick for imaginative little daredevils. This set has vintage flair and personality to spare—just add some boots and a leather jacket, and your mini Evel Knievel
or Amelia Earhart will surely win the race to the candy bowl. Perfect for fast-paced kids who like to live on the edge in style. Ages 3+; $48, usa.alexandalexa.com


2. For the Sci-fi Lover
Land of Nod’s Alien/Superhero Mask Kit is DIY fodder at its finest. Kids will love crafting their own masks, and since the kits include only sticker-backed felt for construction, it’s a no-mess operation. Each kit comes with materials for one superhero mask and one alien mask, so whether it’s Star Wars or Superman they’re into, little ones will delight in these top-notch disguises. Ages 4+; $24.95, landofnod.com




3. For the Wild Child
An endearing alternative to the classic animal costume, the Wolf Ears from the Brooklyn-based Coral & Tusk are handcrafted and fun. Whether your pup is going for the ferocity of the Big Bad Wolf or the bravery of Balto, these little ears will transform them instantly into an adorably mischievous woodland creature. Easy to put on and totally reusable, they’re the saving grace of busy Halloween calendars and go with almost any costume in the closet. All ages; $38, coralandtusk.com


4. For the Cutie Pie
Like a cartoon come to life, Tokidoki’s Donutella and SANDy headbands are for anime-loving kiddos looking for a flight of fancy. There’s sugary sweet Donutella or spunky SANDy to choose from—but either way these multicolored headbands are plush and funky. They’ll be the vibrant envy of every trick-or-treater in the usual line-up of Halloween orange and black! All ages; $15, tokidoki.com


5. For Celebrating Halloween All Week
Stella McCartney’s Bump Badges are a great way to build up Halloween spirit. Just iron them right onto a t-shirt and kids can sport a spooky bat or some ghoulish eyes whenever they wish. Attaching these badges is a fun activity to do with youngsters, a fun surprise to plant in their dressers as Halloween approaches, or even a great favor option for any Halloween parties you have planned. $30 for a set of 4, stellamccartney.com