Giving Back: The Food Network’s Duff Goldman Partners With No Kid Hungry

Duff Goldman talks to kids about healthy eating at a No Kid Hungry event

Duff Goldman, known throughout households as a star on the Food Network’s reality show “Ace of Cakes,” has recently been putting his skills in the kitchen use to help out local communities.

In an effort to end childhood hunger, Goldman has partnered with the non-profit, No Kid Hungry, to champion and promote a program that infuses Goldman’s tremendous baking talents with his passion for community service. Through the working with and speaking out for Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry, Goldman aims to help the cause of eradicating childhood hunger by supporting the effort to bring the nation together using the old-time tradition of bake sales.

“People are hungry and it just doesn’t make sense,” Goldman says. “My job as a chef is to feed people breakfast, steak, anything. I think that’s what really drew me to the cause in the first place.”

Initially drawn to the huge success that No Kid Hungry experienced with its School Breakfast Program, in which the organization raised money to provide a healthy breakfast to American children both during school and in the summer, Goldman saw the potential to make an impact by supporting the Bake Sale cause.

“It’s very easy to get involved,” Goldman explains. “No Kid Hungry gives people a straightforward way of supporting a great cause.”

Duff Goldman speaks out against hunger
Duff Goldman speaks out against hunger

As the executive chef of the Baltimore-based Charm City Cake Shop, Goldman’s support of Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry truly aims to bring community members of all ages together to support an important cause. Although bake sales are known as a traditional American way to raise money for school fundraisers and the like—these bake sales tackle a more prominent issue plaguing children throughout the country.

“Bake sales are awesome for a number of reasons,” Goldman says. “I remember going to bake sales as a kid and seeing how the community really came together at these events. It’s a chance for members in communities to show what they can make, as well as a time spent eating delicious treats.”

Rather than these bake sales being run by local mothers in the community, there has been an increase in the number of children that want to make a change. The next step in ending childhood hunger is to not only get more participants involved, but to connect these young students with local businesses to compound the effort.

“I’ve found that many children are very motivated to help their own communities by starting their own bake sales,” Goldman notes. “I follow a lot of these children on Twitter and try to give tips to them about how to get the event going. I think that parents and teachers could help children get involved by connecting them with local businesses or bakeries that these individuals could partner with.”

Along with raising awareness through No Kid Hungry Bake Sale, Goldman will also be appearing as a judge on the Food Network’s “Spring Baking Championship” on Sundays at 9pm.

To learn more and to get involved with this great cause, visit nokidhungry.org!